Monday, August 24, 2015


  1. Ok, here let's fill this with something

    Curt Schilling was forced to take down a tweet and is now suspended by E$PN

    Pure facts presented, but NOT PC facts

    This is a twitter link, in case people need to log onto twitter to see.

    1. Apparently ESPN feels (no thinking involved here really) that pointing out that a danger exists from muslim extremism would somehow be offensive to all muslims, whom ESPN, I'm sure, cares so very much about. Schilling, by no means one of my favorite people, makes a legitimate point, that even though the percentage of Muslims who may be extremist might be low, the percentage represents a real number and that number is quite enough in some historical instances to bring real havoc to the world. In fact, such extremism is ascendant at the moment. It's the same point over which Bill Maher and Sam Harris got in trouble with the great mind of Ben Affleck a few months back.

    2. "the great mind of Ben Affleck."


    3. Sam Harris made Affleck look an idiot... but, then, Affleck is an idiot compared to Harris.

      btw, I've been out for a few days taking care of some family matters.

      I don't even think that I am going to have my usual Sunday column this week... maybe.

      In any case, Afflect means well and he's got just enough intelligence and just enough education to represent an annoyance.

      That guy should not even be on the same set with Sam Harris.

  2. I'm a bit shocked that ESPN Disney hired Kurt Shilling in the first place. He's an unapologetic right wing Christian.

    1. OMG, no!

      A conservative Christian??

      I thought that was illegal these days!

      Our friends on dkos think that conservative Christians are almost as heinous as Zionists.

    2. My favourite thing about progressives is their tolerance.

    3. I have to tell you, Kate, I have never seen such hatred in the name of tolerance in my entire life.

      It's cognitive dissonance.

    4. Repressive Tolerance

    5. Yes.
      Everyone should read that essay. And all other similar pieces. Absolutely.

      What's so extraordinary about it is the ideologues wrote it all down and explained why and how it was going to happen. And it is.

      The intolerance - and hatred - now considered perfectly reasonable to be shown to anyone who dares to challenge the prevailing progressive thinking-of-the-week is infinitely more intolerant than whatever "intolerance" it is supposed to be concerned about in the first place.

      It certainly does take "cognitive dissonance" but it also takes an unassailable belief that you are so right that you are entitled and justified to do anything you like to anyone who dares challenge you.
      It used to be discussed whether these people knew how illiberal they have become. But actually, they don't believe in liberalism, or freedom of speech. They've gone past a point now, where they're happy to tell everyone that. They just believe in conformity and if you don't conform then you have to be punished and turned into a pariah. Or "re-educated."

      There are some very good recent pieces by Brendan O'Neill on this.
      I'll try and provide the links later.