Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Say hello to Lawrence

Michael L.

Every now and again I front page a commenter's thoughts at Israel Thrives.

I only do this rarely, but I think that Lawrence's perspective is an important one... I know because I share it!

In reference to the Dawabsha family firebombing, Lawrence writes.
Let's assume that it was Jews who are responsible, although there are suspicions it may have been Arabs; even if the former, the response from Israeli Jews has been pathetic and wincingly masochistic. Yes condemn it but get a proper perspective on the wider situation, a bird's eye view. Such murderous violence against Israelis, including our children is promoted weekly by the PA, its mosques, media, schools, never mind Hamas. There are daily attacks against Jews, or at least Jewish motorists, the Jerusalem light rail etc. Every day. Every day Muslims in the Middle-East slaughter, rape, torture and abduct their fellow Muslims and Christians on a terrible scale, look at Syria and Iraq, Egypt and Yemen. There are full-scale atrocities there. Every day.

The response from the Israeli media and govt is nothing less than pathetic self-loathing, as if we are all responsible (all mainstream Israeli institutions condemn it, unlike all Palestinian institutions which celebrate Palestinian terror against Jews) and ignoring the daily genocidal Jew-hatred from Palestinian and Muslim institutions. And that's assuming Jews are to blame, and we just don't know as of yet. I would go as far as calling our president Rivlin a self-hating Jew (and not just because of his reaction this time around. Ask yourselves why he got the Guardian man of the year award. The Guardian is a left-wing fascist hardcore Jew-hate rag). Israelis are almost as pathetic as American Jews, not quite but not far off.
I found it a little disconcerting, and a little sad, at how eagerly so many Israelis put on the "hair shirt" in order to make penance for their alleged sins.

If whoever killed that baby is Jewish then he or she (or they) is Jewish.

But we must not allow people to use such a crime to demean and attack the Jewish people in Israel, as a whole.  Nor should we allow people to use crimes like this to smear Israeli politicians.  To do so would be something akin to blaming Barack Obama for this or that murder in the United States.  It is simply not just.  And to use the murder of an innocent child to attack one's political enemies is a disgrace.

I am sure that Jewish people in the US also sometimes commit heinous political crimes, but when they do so you can be sure that I do not walk around, with my head bowed in shame, earnestly searching my soul for moral transgressions.

And that, ultimately, is my real concern at the moment.  The Arabs of Israel, in collusion with the Soviets, conjured the "Palestinian narrative" of perfect victim-hood and exported it to the West where it found a sympathetic audience.  Now this same false and malicious narrative of perfect victim-hood is encroaching not only onto the diasporic Jewish head, but looks to be riddling the Israeli Jewish head, as well.

It represents what I once referred to as the Palestinian Colonization of the Jewish Mind.

Of the various aspects of the long Arab war against the Jews in the Middle East, the least appreciated is what we might call "cognitive warfare."  Via the use of propaganda and toxic journalism the "pro-Palestinian" movement seeks to undermine the legitimacy of the Jewish State of Israel.

Jews, sadly, are not immune, but I very much hope that Israeli Jews do not lose sight of the fact that their actual moral well-being, compared to the rest of the world, is doing just fine.



  1. Ayup.

    I would prefer the men and women who feel a need to wear their hearts on their sleeve sit down and shut up unless and until they're ready to condemn violence directed at Jews. Spare me the pious bullshit.

    The problem, Trudy, is that this violates Tikkun Olam... and we cannot have that.

  2. http://jewsdownunder.com/2015/08/03/paula-says-i-am-so-disgusted/

    Read this from Paula Stern

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