Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Radio Interview

Michael L.

world radio day 2013Michael Burd of mighty J-AIR out of Melbourne, Australia, interviewed me early this month on his radio show Nothing Left.  We talked for about half an hour concerning American Jewry's relationship with Israel.  This was prior to the Trump Surge or the Sanders' Challenge and my assumption was that we were looking at another likely Clinton-Bush race for the presidency.

In any case, I can be heard on episode 67 that aired yesterday, August 25.  Also interviewed during this episode, I am proud to say, is Isi Liebler and political scientist, Emanuelle Ottolenghi, so I am in very fine company, indeed.

My segment begins at about the thirty minute mark.

It would not have happened were it not for Shirlee of Jews Down Under fame.


  1. It was very good Mike and a bit strange hearing you speak. You might even get to hear me one day. Michael keeps asking me but you know me and I haven't a moment to spare to do an interview.

    Michael and Alan are both great guys, Michael being a personal friend and an amazing supporter of Israel.

    Otto said in an email>>>>>>>

    "The three interviews with Deborah Weiss, Michael and Ottolenghi are perhaps the best interviews I have EVER heard. All incredibly perfect informed,articulate, impeccably intelligent, not ONE syllable out of place. The interviewers just as amazing...."

    Your readers should check their site out as they've had some amazing guests.

  2. Damn Mike they really cut you up at the start, it sounded like some bizarre forged blackmail tape!
    Interesting stuff, I would have preferred to hear the unedited version tho.
    And John Safran that's a blast from the past

    1. Ian, I don't think it was edited. I will check

    2. It was definitely edited, but my guess is that all these kinds of radio shows are significantly edited. I was pleased and Michael Burd was absolutely terrific.

      I would be happy to speak with those guys, anytime.

      I was happy that he referenced my seven criticisms of progressive-left Zionism.

      Those are fair criticisms. I am not trying to demean anyone, but fair criticisms they are.

      If I were to do those over, tho, I would probably avoid the ostrich.

      It was personally gratifying in a certain kind of way, but ultimately non-beneficial.

      Jon Haber from Diviestthis! spoke to me in a straight-forward manner concerning this and I took light of his suggestion.

      He was right, however.

    3. Don't get me wrong it was well worth listening to but the abrupt editing was a little jarring. I realise I'm used to internet podcasts where people don't have to try to squeeze interviews between ad breaks.

      Speaking of Podcasts David Horovitz of ToI fame on Ricochet, very interesting.

  3. Great job, Mike, and it was also nice to put a voice with your voice, if you know what I mean.
    Also, there was Ottolenghi's brilliant analysis of the slimy deal with the mullahs.

  4. Great interview, Mike.
    Really interesting and eloquent.
    Agree with Jeff that it's nice to be able to put a voice to the writer's voice, too.

  5. Hugely impressed Mike

    We've come a long way and so quickly

    Just the start

    Very best


  6. I'm just grateful for your help.

    We may agree, or disagree, about this or that, but ultimately we're pulling in the same direction.

    G-d bless the Jewish people in Israel.