Thursday, August 13, 2015

Daily Kos Israel Hate for the Day

Michael L.
IDF terrorizes children (0+ / 0-)

regularly arresting CHILDREN in the middle of the night. Water theft, land grabs, etc., etc

Yet almost solid bipartisan support of elected politicians in DC for sending taxmoney there

Israel govt does a very bad PR job of justifying the tax money they get, and I continue to tell my so-called "representatives".

by stargaze on Wed Aug 12, 2015 at 11:38:24 AM PDT
They always bring up the children. 

Don't they understand that when they constantly accuse Israel of murdering children that they are engaging in the contemporary blood libel?

Do they honestly think that Jewish Israelis have a blood-lust for non-Jewish children?

There is something akin to evil in this kind of commentary because it whips up hatred for Jews, in general.

It is practically medieval, in fact.

But there it is among those who claim to be anti-racists who allegedly care about social justice and universal human rights.

And, yet for some reason, they honestly seem to want Iran to get the bomb.

I thought that the Left was opposed to nuclear proliferation.

Apparently not.


  1. Notice how it's not enough for this crowd to complain about the arrest of children, (some of whom shave, some who may choose not to, and are active members in terrorist groups), which supposedly goes on in some racist and systematic way to "humiliate a proud people" (whose existence owes itself to an Arab supremacy/inferiority complex), but the "tots" must be arrested "in the middle of the night." We all know how important sleep is for the little coochy coos. ("Children of the night, what sweet music they make" - Dracula). ;0)
    Going that extra "middle of the night" mile is a textbook, or boilerplate example of the technique used by anti-Zionists as well as anti-Semites. They must separate those bad deeds of the Jews from those of others. Other authorities might arrest children , but Jews, when given power, do it "in the middle of the night." That extra step separates them from the rest of humanity, indeed, it is meant to put their humanity into question.

    But there is a universal lesson in it: Anyone, of any self-claimed political persuasion can be an out-and-out bigot and racist. I once heard Ayaan Hirsi Ali mention that racism and anti-Semitism are universal human traits.
    We are all merely human, even "progressives." shhhhh...

    1. Well said, Jeff. "In the middle of the night" evokes imagery of demons, vampires and other such dark forces. It's perhaps subconscious and unintentional on the part of many of those who use it, but the effect matters far more than intent. There's a reason the phrases are connected. It's extra cheese on their antisemitism burger.

    2. "It's perhaps subconscious and unintentional on the part of many of those who use it"

      I doubt it Jay. Demonizers know exactly what they do and love it.

  2. Don't they understand...
    Yes. Of course they do. That's the point.

    Do they honestly think...
    In a sense, yes. They have come to 'believe' it, they 'want' to believe it.

    There is something akin to evil...
    No, not 'akin'.

    Entirely mediaeval, yes!

    Mike, they are not anti-racism, they just claim to be. It's endemic on the left.

    They don't know what "social justice" is. It just sounds good to say you're for it.

    The left only believe the West should not have nuclear weapons.
    You speak as though they have principles.

    Re Jeff's comment:

    " (I)n the middle of the night" etc.,
    It's standard practice.The media do it all the time. The telling of a "better" tale. The creation of myth. It's been going on for millenia. Because it works.

  3. On the matter of racism on the left:

    Maajid Nawaz

    Beautiful article by Matti Friedman in the WSJ.
    Have to google it because of pay wall.
    With his head in the sand

    And on the horror of Jeremy Corbyn about to be elected Labour leader. Brilliant spoof interview at Harry's Place:

    1. Correction:

      In link to Maajid Nawaz article

    2. Doodad,
      about Jeremy Corbyn. This is from the Jewish Chronicle: