Monday, November 30, 2015

I don't Always Drink Beer But When I Do.....


  A possible explanation for her recent weird choices.


  1. Doodad. Sie ist eine deutsche Frau was wollen sie ihr zu trinken.

  2. Don't worry, in a year or so, halal non alcoholic beer will be the only beer permitted at official government event.

  3. If she's drunk, she's drunk on a progressive-left humanitarian vision of no distinctions between cultures.

    If any culture is just as good as any other culture then why not fling open the doors of Germany to a vast population known to have anti-Semitic beliefs above the 80th percentile and that tend to despise western ways of being?

    What she's drunk on is ideology.

    1. If any culture is as good as any other why aren't Middle Eastern countries hashing out their disagreements at a negotiating table instead of killing each other with reckless abandon? If they're all just as good as one another why aren't "refugees" settling in Bulgaria and Albania. Why go through all the trouble to get to Germany?