Friday, November 13, 2015

Paris rocked by explosions and shootouts leaving dozens dead

Michael L.

William Branigin in the Washington Post tells us:
A series of apparent terrorist attacks rocked Paris on Friday night, leaving at least 35 people dead at separate locations amid a continuing gun battle and possible hostage situation at a downtown concert hall, authorities and news media said.

The BFMTV television network later reported that at least 60 people were dead in the carnage.


  1. This is unbelievable.

    How many dead?

  2. It seems up to a hundred dead at the Bataclan concert hall. Reports- unconfirmed - are that the hostages were killed before the police raid.

    Some gunmen are still on the run.
    State of emergency all over France.

  3. Was it properly labeled as such as a "guideline for consumers"?

  4. Via French site " Le Point" it seems the venue has been the concern of anti-Zionists for some years.
    Also, apparently, the American heavy metal band playing there this evening played a gig in Israel in the Summer. They refused to boycott Israel although they were put under a lot of pressure to.

  5. You can go to @ad_holland
    for the link.
    He's based in the U.S..

  6. Are Palestinians handing out candies yet?

  7. No, but ISIS are celebrating on social media.

  8. Replies
    1. Jacob...I do believe you've got it by Jove!

  9. I just feel ill.

    What is there to say?

  10. hey there, I'm back. I wonder how long some "progressives" are gonna deny that Islam is MUCH worse than the other religions out there.

  11. I tuned in to Bill Maher for a moment. He says that their complaint is we (the West) are on their land, and his solution is to get off it. Aside from the parallel conventional wisdom about Israel's "occupation," I think he is wrong, and that that is an excuse. The real problem is how they feel about their position vis a vis the West. Supremacists don't like to see others doing well.
    France has closed its borders, which is a step in the right direction. Now keep them closed, and if you are a Muslim in Europe start protesting these atrocities quickly, because the right wing is not far off. Let's hear some of that 'not in my name' stuff. If there really were out in the open "Islamophobia" they might feel the need, but you have governments in denial that anything has anything to do with Islam, as the press goes out of its way to publicize worry over a "racist" backlash which never comes. This bigotry of soft expectations allows French Arabs to wallow in their preferred position of pathological anger over humiliation.

    As for Obama's JV team, it should have been nipped in the bud. I could have told you.
    This was all predictable.

    1. Their land?

      They are the friggin' invaders!

      Their land is the Arabian peninsula.

      Political correctness has doomed Europe.

      Muslims will kill western liberalism - at the invitation of western liberals, themselves - because democracy is directly in opposition to al-Sharia.


    2. Telegraph reporting that two victims who were taken for treatment at Hôtel-Dieu hospital in central Paris said the attackers were young and French-born.

    3. But they weren't Rosicrucians, right, Kate?

      This was a Jihadi attack against the very people doing the most to save Muslims from the violent chaos in the Middle East.

    4. ISIS have now, as of about an hour ago, claimed responsibility. That will have to be proven, obviously. First time ISIS have claimed responsibility for attack on European soil.

  12. This.

  13. ...and it's not just Islamists anymore...

  14. My family in Rouen has adopted a bunker mentality. I think everyone is going to suddenly 'become hunters' - shotguns are in short supply.