Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Hillary-Bernie Ticket

Michael L.

{Cross-posted at the Elder of Ziyon.}

Hillary and Bernie2Hey Democrats,

If you want to hold the presidency in the next election go with a Hillary-Bernie ticket.

Barring any unforeseeable political catastrophes Hill-Bern could very well stomp all over any potential Republican challenger.

The Republicans - unless I am sadly mistaken, which is a distinct possibility - have no one.



I like Donald Trump for the entertainment value and the fact that he seems like enough of a maniac that he might support US military interests abroad.  I think that he would support American allies... like... ya know... Israel.  And I believe that he might actually fight the Islamic State.

If by some miracle Donald Trump gets elected the President of the United States my prediction is that popcorn sales in the USA will skyrocket.


I think that he is a highly intelligent person who probably has the finest of intentions and if I needed a neurologist - which I probably do - then he would be my guy.  I think that he would be a friend to Israel and a thoughtful President of the United States.

The thing of it is, though, sometimes I have difficulty sleeping at night.  I used to use a white noise machine to carry me into sleepy time.  Now I use tapes of Ben Carson speeches.


He's barely out of short pants.  And I do not think that he is a very good friend of many of my friends in the Bay Area.  But, then, those friends are not necessarily friends of Israel, either.

My suspicion is that he may have a better shot the next time around.

Maybe.  But I am not writing him off this cycle.


Give me a break.

The man has zero chance.

He is a friend of Israel, though.

That and five bucks will get him virtually nothing.


He's coming out swinging far too late.  We all thought that he was napping.  Most people do not believe his heart is in it.  I predicted him as the natural Republican candidate.  A more intelligent and sophisticated version of his younger brother but, at this point, I definitely do not see him gaining the nomination.

He blew his opportunity.


She is an exceedingly intelligent woman.  I have not investigated her closely on the issues, in part because she strikes me as a long-shot.  If you bet on Fiorina and win you'll get paid off handsomely, but the odds are against you.  I still want to keep an eye on her though.

Were I sitting across from her at the poker table I would not take her lightly.

But can any of these people beat Hillary-Bernie?

American Jews would flock to that ticket... like progressive-left Canadian Geese.  I've found geese before and I can find them again!  We know where the geese are!  They congregate near ponds!

{It's not rocket science.}


  1. Bernie even being in the race at all is what is wrong with the Democrat Party today and IMO, its Hussein Obama's fault for giving such kind of people air. Bernie (more his supporters) represents the MoveOn types who made HRC into a "neo-con AIPAC-controlled 'racist'" in 2007-2008 which gave us Obama. Also, Obama played on the extreme PC part of the party, the college freshmen who wanted to see some results from all the "diversity" classes they were given in school. Obama's rise allowed that shameful Gaza resolution to even make it to the DNC floor in 2012.

    As a Senator, HRC was pro-Israel and anti-Iran (which got her called a "neo-con" in the first place). Bill is and was popular in Israel-he was dealt the Oslo hand by Bush I at Madrid. Yet since she needs to win the primary, she is trying to not meet the fate she met in 2008. Bernie needs to go and Dems need to clean house and get rid of the wing, the anti-semitism, and the people who fail to see Palestine terror for what it is: terror.

    I'm not 100% on her yet. It tho would be hard for me to vote on Israel and jihadism alone. But I want my people to be safe abroad and here as well (hence why the demographics of more Jews than Islams here must remain). While I think absent the MoveOn crowd, Hillary would be 100%, I'm still waiting to see if the party at least starts taking action against them. I may still vote Trump. And hell, maybe Washington does need a shake up.

  2. also, any ticket with Bernie gets destroyed. He picks up no swing states, is too old (he'd be prez in waiting), and is a socialist.

    1. Too bad Stalin and Mao are not running. Pol Pot would be nice...
      Bernie of course! Chelsea or Huma as a veep. Yes, that's irresistable.
      Then he dies halfway through his term, and we get it, good and hard.

    2. Kumar,
      That's the thing. Bernie is not even a Democrat. He's an old socialist. Why would he want to be the Vice President in a one term presidency? (If you're wondering about the "one term" remark, just look at the precedents over the past 64 years. Over that span the only time the same party has held the White House for even three terms was in the 1980's.)

  3. So, you are endorsing Hillary, but panning Bernie.

    In truth, I would not vote for either one of them, but I suspect such a ticket could be a winner.

    In any case, I very much hope that I wrong and you are right.

    1. I'm not endorsing anyone yet; I'm still open to Trump, and I really admired Cruz's defense of Israel at IDC. I cried watching it. For me, 2016 all depends on if the Democrat Party stops taking the Jews for granted.

    2. Kumar,
      The Dems will not stop taking us for granted until we make them stop taking us for granted. The successful pressure on them has come from the "progressive" left, i.e., a movement that pretty much has no place else to go anyway. The Democrats do not want to lose the Jewish vote. Jewish donors supply them with plenty of cash, tend to be liberal-minded (usually in the true sense), and are opinion makers. It would be of great advantage to Republicans to have even a plurality of Jewish support.

  4. Clinton will never ask Bernie to be on the ticket and he would never accept. I'm thinking either Julian or Joaquin Castro. Popular, ethnic, but not with a power base of their own like Corey Booker. I suppose someone like Keith Ellison is possible but he's turned down a BLM rat hole recently. Chelsea Clinton is old enough too. Or maybe Huma Abedin.

    1. Chelsea?!

      Can you imagine a Clinton-Clinton ticket?!

      That would be absolutely hysterical.

      And, of course, I recognize that you are kidding.

      You are kidding aren't you?

    2. Let's make it hereditary. How does "Clinton of The United States" sound?

    3. Bush - Clinton - Clinton - Bush - Bush - Obama - Obama - Clinton - Clinton - Clinton - Clinton - Bush!

    4. "either Julian or Joaquin Castro."
      Why not Raoul? The rapprochement has been going so well.

    5. Mike,
      Over at Elder's, someone is suggesting Michelle Obama for President. See what you've done? :0)

    6. I thought that she was a hot pastrami sandwich... but whatever makes you happy.

  5. So, you guys think that a Hillary-Bernie ticket is a loser, huh?

    Maybe your right, but I still find it rather difficult to believe that any in the Republican field could take down such a ticket.

    1. The unsympathetic wife of a former well-loved but philandering president and a socialist who wants to limit the variety of antiperspirants found on America's supermarket shelves?

    2. As of this moment, according an ABC / WAPO poll, Hillary is leading the pack among Democrats with 60% and Bernie is in second place with 34%.

      Hillary is in the bag for the nomination, but we've known that a long time.

      The real surpise is Bernie. He's too far back to catch her, but who thought that he would be even this popular among Dems?

      And, I have to say, I agree with Kumar when he says that people like Bernie represent what's wrong with the Dems.

      He's just too hard left.

    3. Mike,
      Hillary will need a running partner who will attract the African American vote. I'm not convinced that Bernie Sanders could do that. And, neither can she, necessarily. At least, it doesn't seem so.

      Meanwhile in Britain, the Labour Party, which has been taken over by the far-left, is currently polling 15 points behind the Tories. And the Tories are very far from popular, and are about to introduce the most severe cuts to public spending and services that the country has ever seen.

      Identity politics is now so powerful in the States, the Democrats are going to have their options narrowed, I think.
      Sanders is unlikely to poll well outside of certain states and demographics. And Hillary can't pull in the numbers that Obama did.

    4. Hillary does need the black vote, but what's astonishing to me is that you are probably right concerning Sanders.

      But, nobody in the field - left, right, or center - was more supportive of the Civil Rights Movement or the Black Freedom Struggle, back in the day, than Uncle Bernie.

      I suspect it no longer matters to black folk... but it should.

      It does make me wonder if African-Americans might be bleeding support for non-black national politicians, in general.

    5. I think there may be some truth in that. That's why when Biden was still possibly going to run, some commentators thought Deval Patrick would be brought in as his ideal running mate. Some people suggested that was Obama's choice.
      Interesting to see how Sanders polls in more difficult areas. It might be that, regardless of his biography, he just can't prove attractive to as many people as would be necessary to be on the ticket.

    6. I woulda voted Trump over Biden in a second. Biden would be a continuation and validation of the race-bating and Jew-baiting Obama did in the 2008 primary against Hillary, and has done his whole presidency.

    7. There's a lot of interest as to why Biden didn't run. Especially as it seemed that Obama would support him. And the announcement in the Rose Garden (?) seemed set up more for someone who was running than was not. It would be interesting to know whether at this point the Democratic Party just thought Hillary needed to be left to win without serious rivalry. Obama clearly has very little affection for either Clinton, so the politics of it are intriguing. The polling was suggesting that Biden would beat Hillary, I think.
      I imagine the Democratic Party can't believe their luck that Donald Trump has come along.

  6. America, being what it is, will elect Hilary out of guilt for not electing her last time; unless some of the Syrian refugees start blowing stuff and people up shortly before the elections.

  7. if only the gop could come up with a worthy candidate.....if only......

  8. I no longer who or what is President or even if there is one. It no longer matters. This country is a flaming short bus flying off the cliff.