Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shangri-la with Ice Cream

Michael L.

{Cross-posted at Jews Down Under.}

Times of Israel staff tells us:
dipped ice cream cones 7An annual poll released on Tuesday showed growing distrust between Israel’s Jewish and Arab populations, with over one-third of Jewish Israelis maintaining that the government should encourage their Arab compatriots to emigrate.

The Israel Democracy Index also found that over half (55.7%) of Jewish Israelis believe one cannot identify as a Palestinian and be a loyal citizen, some 39% said Arab Israelis pose a security threat, and 42.3% said Arab Israelis support the destruction of the State of Israel.
The truth of the matter is that Arab-Muslims in the Middle East find it exceedingly difficult to live next to anyone... including one another.  It amazes me that western liberals can look upon the Middle East and see all that racism and chaos and bloodshed and stupidity and, yet, still blame the Jews for Arab distemper within Israel.

The only reason that Israeli-Arabs dislike Jews (and, therefore, Israel) is because they are Jews.

If Israel was a 23rd Arab country they would think that it was the best of them all, because it is, from a human rights standpoint, far better than any of them.  The rest of the neighborhood makes Israel look like Shangri-la with ice cream.

There is an obvious reason that polling shows that the Arabs in Jerusalem prefer to stay under Israeli jurisdiction.  It is because they understand very well that the PA is a corrupt dictatorship with Islamist leanings that would rob them of civil liberties if given half the chance.

Who would ever want to live under the rulership of the heinous Mahmoud Abbas and the PLO?

The fact of the matter is that Arab and Muslim violent bigotry against Jewish Israelis is driving those Jews directly into the ethereal arms of Meir Kahane.

Furthermore, if every single Arab within Israel were to take up a blade for the purpose of killing Jews, the rest of the world would simply not care.  They would shrug and tell one another that because Israel is a racist, apartheid, colonialist, imperialist, militarist, racist state that naturally those Jews deserve whatever they get.

The angry Arabs are ratcheting up the pressure through killing Jews as the West does so through BDS initiatives like labeling Israeli goods in Europe in order to discourage purchase and thereby hobble the well-being of the Jews in Israel.  The great irony, of course, is that the primary result of BDS, as out-of-work Arab Sodastream employees can easily attest, is unemployed Palestinian-Arabs.

One of the insights of scholar Paul Berman is the understanding that it is when the Arabs get the most violent toward their Jewish victims that the western intelligentsia amps up the hatred and irrational criticism toward those Jews.  The more Arabs seek to murder Jews, the more western intellectuals blame the Jews for the violence against us.

There is, in fact, a sadism in play and it is the same sadism that animated the Passion Plays in Europe for so many centuries.  All the Jewish people want is to be left the hell alone to pursue our own lives and interests like anyone else, yet Muslims and western-leftists tell one another that the Jews in Israel are a bunch of racists seeking to persecute the innocent "indigenous" population.

This is the form of contemporary anti-Semitism and it definitely has nothing to do with Shangri-la or ice cream.


  1. So they're the ultimate Ivy League Liberal Progressives then. They loathe and despise the very country that affords them the right and privilege to say they loathe and despise it and which gives them a standard of living unparalleled anywhere else. Maybe that's the commonality we've been searching for.