Friday, April 15, 2016

A Note from Nachman

Michael L.

I received an email this morning from my old Daily Kos friend, Nachman, concerning A Note to Ollie Benn at SFSU Hillel.

Nachman thinks that Jewish kids need to learn how to kick ass and I know, for certain, Jon Segall, who practices Krav Maga, agrees entirely... despite the fact that he would argue, mistakenly, that we are on opposite sides of the political spectrum.

Nachman writes:

I see you’re getting there, landsman. You’re making the same journey I did.

Gut Yontiff. :-)
This was my response:

What can anyone say?

In a certain kind of way, I suppose that I owe Daily Kos a favor. It was those guys who taught me about anti-Semitic anti-Zionism.

And I definitely think that organizations like Hillel need to get more muscular.

"Intifada! Intifada! Long live the intifada!"

Universities around the country support anti-Jewish anti-Israel organizations like the General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) that quite literally calls for the murder of Jews. I mean, really, what is an intifada aside from an attempt to kill Jews?

Some kids on American campuses are calling for the murder of Jews and the administrations are funding this.

This is no joke.

Sometimes when I speak to friends about this I get a shrug. Ya know, they're just college students. Yup. They are just college students who will one day run the country with an anti-Jewish anti-Israel bias because the western-left has provided a home for people who despise Israel.

To hell with that.

We need pro-Israel pro-Jewish organizations like Hillel to stand up.

If the Jewish people will not stand up for themselves, nobody is going to do it for us.

Who are we going to count on, Barack Obama? The "first Jewish president." 

I do not know Ollie Benn at all and he has only been on the job for a relatively short period of time.

I just hope that he knows how to throw a punch. Astren does, but seems reluctant to do so.


  1. They are just college students who are being turned into antisemites who will someday run the country. What kind of country would that be? It wouldn't be a very liberal one.

    Universities around the country support anti-Jewish anti-Israel organizations like the General Union of a country that doesn't exist and has never existed Students (GU?S) that quite literally calls for the murder of Jews.

    Sorry Mike, I'm tired this morning, and needed to get it off my chest after hearing from Boinie and his antizionist cheering section last night.

    1. They are being turned into a lot of things: Antisemites, authoritarians, permanent PTSD sufferers( apparently), people obsessed with race and gender, people obsessed with "identity", grievance, victimhood, safe-spaces, and trigger-warnings. And haters of anything they disagree with. On top of that, they are, unsurprisingly, poorly educated about everything. With very little actual knowledge about anything. Self-righteous, obnoxious, and overly concerned with themselves. And about the most illiberal generation one could think of. And yes, they will - some of them - become your next political class. And take jobs in the media etc. And the rest of them will vote. :-(

    2. Don't forget the "microagressions," and the macro responses.

    3. Jeff,
      I didn't forget the "microaggressions," I was just trying not to "trigger" you. ;)

  2. Mike... I think everyone should learn Krav Maga, it's great for physical and spiritual well being not too mention that it is an effective way to learn how to protect oneself. But that said... while learning it is one thing it's important to realize the uses of it and the legal realities involved once it is used.

    I have had to use what I have learned twice (once in a confrontation and once simply in an emergency) and it saved my life - literally (not the confrontation scenario). I recommend it for any age (well 16-70).

    In the case of SFSU - it would certainly help with regards to the kids feeling more empowered to speak up for themselves as well as giving them an idea how to deal with a physical assault. But that physical assault is much more likely to come just from the fact that SFSU is in an urban setting rather than a political assault from wanna-be Terrorists.

  3. no one's being turned into anything at age 20, it's simply being REVEALED

    1. There's a lot of truth in that. Studies have shown that students are very much like this before they get to college. However, the wretched universities are certainly providing an environment where all of this is enabled and endorsed. Often egged on by atrociously behaved faculty members. And where the culture of the university is to pander to the worst sorts of behaviours from students.

    2. k,
      Absolutely true. And what the university is telling these students is the exact opposite of what a good therapist would tell them.