Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Podcast: Some Thoughts on Jews and the Left

Michael L.
back in the day1
Mike in Dolores Park, SF, in the late 00s

This is five minutes in length.

I am just beginning to learn about audio.

Michael Burd and Alan Freedman were kind enough to offer me a number of slots in May and June for writing and creating the introductions to J-Air's Nothing Left radio show out of Melbourne.

My future podcasts will be integrated into Israel Thrives, but for the moment this will do.

Jews and the Left


  1. This piece by Jamie Palmer is probably the best thing ever written about the Left and Jews.
    It's magnificent.

    It's an extraordinary piece.

    1. k,
      From the article:
      "Since anti-Semitism is a conspiracy theory about the malign influence of a powerful and mendacious world Jewry, it essentially holds that the Jews are experiencing hatred on account of the power they hold. Anti-Semitism, therefore, is not racism at all, but something more akin to resistance."
      In other words, antisemitism is antisemitism.

    2. Yes. Indeed.

      The article really covers all the necessary ground for understanding the Left's problems with Jews. And, of course, Israel. But Jews just for being Jews, too.
      Hope everyone will read it.

      Jamie - if anyone wants to know - is on Twitter as @jacobinism

      I think the article brilliantly sums up not just how we got here, but why it's not going to get any better. In fact, it can only get worse. And that's realistic and frightening.

  2. Speaking of Jews and the left, here's a shout out to Roger Waters: