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The Snowflakes of San Francisco State

Michael L.

{Also published at the Elder of Ziyon and Jews Down Under.}

crystal snowflakeSan Francisco State University is among the most racist and anti-Semitic universities in the United States, which is why it is partnering with An-Najah University in Nablus, which is among the most racist universities in the world. This is only fitting. Birds of a feather, and so forth.

San Francisco State University racism takes the forms of progressive-left racism, more generally. That is, the delicate snowflakes at SFSU practice humanitarian racism toward people "of color" while promoting a highly aggressive and vicious form of anti-Semitic anti-Zionism toward Jews.

Humanitarian racism, of course, is the type of racism that views ethnic minorities (with the sole exception of Jews) as little children who have no agency and, thus, can never be held responsible for their behavior. The quintessential form of humanitarian racism is directed at the Arabs of Israel who are considered the World Champions of Victimhood. Israeli Jews are considered so horrible that no matter what the Arabs do to them, they are worthy of it. For the humanitarian racist, Arabs have every right to kill Jews as a matter of righteous resistance to The Occupation... with the Big O.

For the precious snowflakes at SFSU the mere presence of Jewish people on traditionally Jewish land is an outrage to the native, indigenous "Palestinians" who are said to have lived on that land since long before the creation of the Earth, itself. As we all know, of course, Adam and Eve were the original Arab-Muslims. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all Arab-Muslims. Moses was an Arab-Muslim. And Jesus was the first "Palestinian" shaheed.

Or, so Palestinian-Arab spokesmen have told us.

Anti-Semitism at SFSU, on the other hand, takes the form of a truly virulent and toxic form of anti-Zionism that transfers classic anti-Semitic themes, such as the blood libel, from Jews, as individuals, to the collective Jew, the State of Israel. So, instead of claiming that individual Jews enjoy killing Christian babies for the purpose of baking their blood into matzoh, the snowflakes tell one another that the collective Jew enjoys killing Arab children for no reason whatsoever. The Israelis are just brutes. Fascists. A subhuman species of semi-human beings that deserves whatever punishment the Arab world wishes to dish out. If Arabs wish to train their children to Jew Hatred and then send them out into the streets of Israel with hand-axes for the purpose of murdering random Jews, who can blame them?

The snowflakes sit in their "safe spaces" and tell one another that Israel is a racist, colonialist, imperialist, militaristic, apartheid, genocidal, racist state and then march forth to yell and scream and moan and cry and wave around their little "Palestinian" flags - which is really just the flag of Jordan with the star removed - when the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, drops by for an open discussion at the invitation of SFSU Hillel.

According to Jordan Vale, writing in the Golden Gate Xpress:
“The Middle East, Israel in particular, have always been hot topics for this campus,” Assistant Director to San Francisco Hillel Rachel Nilson said before introducing Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat for an open dialogue with SF State students and community members. Her statement turned out to be prophetic when, minutes after Barkat started his opening speech, members of the General Union of Palestine Students stormed Seven Hills Conference Center demanding Barkat’s expulsion from the campus.

“We don’t want you on our campus!” they shouted. “Get the hell off our campus!”

GUPS was joined by members of the Black Student Union, the League of Filipino Students, and Defend and Advance Ethnic Studies. The crowd of about 40 students quickly took up chants, clapping, waving Palestinian flags and thrusting their fists in the air.

“Free, free, free Palestine!” one of the lead protesters chanted, which the crowd behind her echoed.
Snowflakes like their "safe spaces" where they can peacefully gaze at one another's navels even as they spread hatred toward out-groups like the Jews of Israel or, say, white Evangelicals, and whoever else they have deemed worthy of violent hatred. None of this, of course, is the least bit negotiable. They are not interested in dialogue or the free expression of ideas, for if they were, they would not have used bully-boy tactics to prevent the mayor of Jerusalem from being heard.

This is why Roger Kimball entitled his piece for the Wall Street Journal last November, The Rise of the College Crybullies.

By all accounts, Barkat endured the yelling and screaming and whining and moaning for about an hour before he excused himself and left campus. The question that many people are currently asking themselves is why the university did not dispatch the campus police to remove the protesters so that the people who came to listen and speak with Barkat could do so in a civilized manner. There was just one cop on hand who, according to reports, did nothing. Barkat had a body guard to protect himself, but the body guard certainly had no authority to try to roust students. All he could do was prevent the crybully-snowflakes from attacking the mayor.

Needless to say, it must be acknowledged that the great majority of students on that campus, like the great majority of students throughout the country, are not running around spitting hatred at anyone. Most SFSU students, like most people, in general, simply want to be left alone in order to pursue their particular interests.

However, one must ask oneself just why it is that SFSU funds a student organization like GUPS that calls for the murder of Jewish people?

Every time the anti-Semitic anti-Zionist snowflakes gather at Malcolm X Plaza shouting "Intifada! Intifada! Long live the intifada" they are calling, quite specifically, for the murder of Jewish people and the university gives them money to organize such activities.

When it comes to supporting hatred few campuses in the United States do a finer job than San Francisco State University.

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  1. It is true to say it is a minority of students who are engaged in these sorts of behaviours. It is, however, not true to say that most students only want to be left alone to get on with their own pursuits. The statistics show that at American universities there is overwhelming support among students for authoritarian codes to be in place to prohibit free speech, freedom of expression etc. To be coddled and "protected" from anything not considered "safe." And to punish people for having the "wrong" opinions. In universities all over America - and in Europe - students are actively engaged in shutting down ideas that they are "uncomfortable" with or with which they disagree. None of this has happened by accident. The faculty members cave in to ridiculous and alarming demands all the time. And many faculty members - in the humanities departments - are as bad, or worse - than their students. If, which is true, the humanities departments become overtaken with non-subjects that are not academically rigorous, then this is an inevitable consequence.
    Students are being indoctrinated, they are not being educated.

    1. My guess is most of the snowflakes are majoring in one the marxoid "studies", and should be flipping hamburgers somwhere instead.

    2. 4 years to learn how to say "do you want fries with that?"

    3. "The statistics show that at American universities there is overwhelming support among students for authoritarian codes to be in place to prohibit free speech, freedom of expression etc."

      Simply ask them if we should start by prohibiting their free expression.
      They'd probably call for the banning of "A Man For All Seasons" from campus because such ideas make them feel unsafe. BTW, I think that about 90% of such students know that that's bullshit about 90% of the time. As young children do, and as good little fascists do, they are testing the limits of their power. How much can they make others bend to their will? As is the case with children, the parents who provide no limits, structure nor discipline for their children, are attempting to win the child's approval, but in the end usually wind up earning the child's contempt IMO.


    video here.....the applause when he defends Palestine sickens me.

    1. So what do you think of this?

    2. Jeff,

      Greenfield is one hell of a writer, I've got to tell ya.

      He's a hard-core religious conservative, but one thing that I have learned in recent years is that this does not automatically make a person wrong about everything.

      I read this piece a few days ago and, in fact, have it booked-marked because he is saying something that I have been saying for quite awhile. The Arabs have been the greatest conquerers and colonists in world history since the Romans and some would argue that they actually surpass the Romans because the conquered landmass is actually larger than Rome at its height.

      This is, of course, the heinous irony.

      The Arab-Muslims, due to the fact that they outnumber us by a factor of 60 or 70 to 1 - and Muslims by over 100 to 1 - have a much, much greater megaphone to project their "narrative" which was enhanced by the Soviets in a manner specifically designed to appeal to the Left.

      They are the conquerers and they are the imperialists and colonialists and, yet, they have convinced the naive, well-meaning, weak-kneed progressive-left that the tiny Jewish minority in the Middle East, that has been ethnically-cleansed from lands throughout that part of the world where we lived for thousands of years, are actually the aggressors.

      I think that this is an historical fact that needs to be thrown into the faces of left-leaning anti-Zionist enemies of the Jewish people every chance that we get.

      Good for Greenfield.

    3. I think you're missing the point. The Western Left don't care about colonialism or imperialism per se. They *only* are concerned with *Western* colonialism and imperialism.
      They are not concerned about injustices. Or the complexities of history. All complexity is is a distraction from blaming the West for everything. One might as well ask them to care about the millions of people being held in slavery in the present day. It is of no interest to them. It is "west-blaming" that is their driving force. Not concerns about anything else.
      You can talk about history until you are blue in the face, it is irrelevant. They will look the other way. They will shrug their shoulders.

    4. I don't believe that history as a field of knowledge is irrelevant. And I didn't say that I did.
      But most people who are influenced by "narratives" are immune to real history. Just as most people who are influenced by narratives are uninterested in facts.
      And, furthermore, the reason why narratives become more successful than fact is because they are preferred. People want narratives - of all kinds - to be true. They *want* them to be true. You are leaving out how much emotion comes into it. Most narratives are driven by emotion; people wanting to believe something, and people wanting to cast* themselves* in a particular role.

      "Hands up don't shoot" was entirely narrative. When, about six months later, the New York Times and the WaPo wrote that that never actually happened, they were telling the truth. No-one cared. The fake story had done its job. It went all around the world. Literally.
      And all sorts of events were triggered by it. No-one cared what really happened. And they still don't. The news organizations that went to town on the narrative never walked the story back. They never informed their viewers that they had got it wrong.
      When the Rolling Stone story was shown to be completely false, the paper - and the journalist involved - said it was irrelevant whether the actual story was true. What mattered was whether the story helped to further "social justice." They get to define that, too. History and facts are subordinate to social justice. And people are, now, quite willing to say so. They see nothing wrong in that. I fact, they believe it makes them righteous. They are serving a *cause.*

      I think history matters. I wish people who taught it in universities actually taught history and not history through the lens of "social justice." But they don't.

      I am not saying history is irrelevant, I am pointing out that if people are not interested in history, then it becomes as good as irrelevant.

      I am not sure whether you would disagree that the obsession with Western "wrongdoing" at the expense of all else is a very serious problem. I think it very much is. And what anyone can do to penetrate this culture of Western self-loathing is anyone's guess. It's optimistic to believe that the truth will eventually win out. But it sometimes doesn't. Or, at least, not until it's too late.
      I'd take a good look at your universities. Because on an average day in the humanities departments, no-one is learning actual history, actual facts or anything else that is evidence-based. They are "learning" a lot of terrible jargon about identity and social justice.

    5. The Left is not interested in any of the causes they claim to champion.
      Narratives and causes are just tools to whip up emotional hatreds of the mob to be used as amplifier. The only real goal is raw power.

    6. k,
      You make a lot of fine points, but I do believe that Mike is right in saying that it has to be thrown in their faces. History is a narrative, and if we don't tell it, know one will know it. The historical narrative has heroes and villains too. If we don't tell it we are leaving the field wide open for those who will tell a different story. I don't think that most people want to be associated with a lie, at least not a lie that has been exposed as a lie. Right now, little resistance is given to the lies saturating our culture. We must therefore work ever harder to build the counter narrative and make it ubiquitous. This takes time, but a first step is not to let anyone get away telling their lies in our presence. You must not only call them out on the lie, you must tell them that they are a bad human being for indulging in their narrative, because it is false and therefore morally corrupt. Most people do not want to be associated with people who are shown to be morally deficient. All one needs to do to prove this is to look at what the anti-zionist left has gotten away with.

    7. Jeff,
      Two parts:
      1) I would absolutely agree that one should continue to tell the truth because it is the truth. Absolutely.

      2) To whom is the truth going to be told?
      And where?
      In the mainstream media?
      In your schools?
      In your universities?
      By Hollywood?
      By the political class?
      By the president of the United States?
      Will the intelligentsia listen?

      America is dominated by - particularly on the Left - a culture of self-loathing. And a culture in which "power dynamics" and "race" are the most important things that drive how people are encouraged to think about the world. As I said, no-one has any real interest in bad things for their own sake. Only if they can show America in a bad light. And Europe, too. Slavery - which is happening today - is of no interest. The only slavery that matters is white on black slavery. Of course America should - and does - analyse and dissect its past. And, quite properly, understand the egregious nature of its racial history. But there is a blank when it comes to putting that into an historical perspective. It is as if no wider landscape in which many peoples and parts of the world practised slavery throughout history can be allowed to be known. That is partly, I imagine, because the guilt over American history has required suggesting that African -Americans have suffered uniquely. And, following the theories of the New Left, that *only* white people can be racist. That makes it almost impossible to suggest, however truthfully, that people with brown skins have ever been responsible for bad things in the world. Either in the past, or today.
      If everyone is divided up into "oppressed groups" and "oppressed groups" cannot be blamed for anything, regardless, then trying to educate people as to histories that include people of colour being responsible for, say, colonialism or imperialism is a bit of a dead end. And that is what you are suggesting.
      Even if you left aside Israel /Palestine, you would have to educate people that people of colour - Arab-Muslim people - practised imperialism, colonialism and slavery. Your culture will not permit that to be said. It would be considered offensive. And would be ignored or shouted down.
      "Oppressed groups" become a protected class. And protected classes are protected from everything, including truth. Maybe especially truth. Groups are either *all* oppressors or *all* oppressed. No pun intended, but it becomes a black and white issue. White people are totally bad, black people - and brown people - are without fault. The same dynamic applies to men and women. Or straight people and gay people. And on and on.

    8. I'm going to come back to this later. Got stuff to do.

    9. Yes, tell the truth everywhere.
      You keep presenting the western Left's positions on these issues as an impenetrable firewall. It was not handed down from on high, you know. (Perhaps you should re-imagine it as the Maginot Line.) They really had to work at it to fuck things up this much. If black slavery and discrimination is America's original sin, and blacks are still the most discriminated against group, why are muslims at the top of the progressive Left's hierarchy of victimhood today in the US? This is a recent phenomenon as is the silly notion that only white people can be "racist." This took a redefining of the word racism, but they weren't afraid to do it. They had no shame, only an agenda.
      I believe that bad ideas need to be attacked as well as infiltrated at their power centers. I also believe that you are not giving ordinary people enough credit when it comes to being able to recognize these bad ideas when presented with alternatives better ideas. It will take sharper minds than mine to crack this thing wide open, but it can be cracked because what identity politics presents is a mish mosh of contradictory, cognitively dissonant ideas.
      I know how much worse things are in UK. Maybe it's time to start organizing boycotts of merchants who support "Palestine," i.e, PLO, Hamas, and the other colonialist and supremacist Muslim organizations.
      Boycott Hamas strawberries. Hand out some leaflets.

      Look at what the PLO did: they kept having their spokespeople repeat the phrase "illegal occupation" until the world press started repeating the same phrase. Now your government officials repeat it. (That's not quite true here in the US, but we're getting close to that.)

      A relatively short time ago the notion that individuals be judged by identity group membership was considered offensive, and was considered offensive by the Left!
      But that didn't stop the identity politics from pushing forward. Why let their bad ideas stop us from exposing the fallacy and folly?
      How many kids do you think have the slightest clue about Muslim Imperialism, and the ramifications of its long colonialist history? If you want people to entertain your ideas you must expose them to your ideas repetitively. There is simply no two ways about it.

    10. Jeff,
      I agree with your sentiments.
      It's not that I think bad ideas should not be fought, they absolutely should.
      All the time. And it is a matter of taking each occasion to do it. I see a (few) good people doing just that, mostly online.

      Why are Muslims at the top of the Left's victim scale?

      I think because 1) they are people of colour.
      2) Islamism became the global political movement that the Western Left allied themselves with when they were looking for new partners to fight America/Western civilization /Capitalism after they realized the Soviet Union wasn't going to be good enough.
      3) They see the Muslim world as the "other" which is oppressed by the Western world.
      4) Israel/Palestine. Obviously.
      5) Standing up for African-Americans is something that doesn't reach into Europe in the same way. While the European Left - certainly in the UK - are very concerned with American racial politics and discrimination, the European Left has real Muslims living in Europe who *need* their protection. That means they can focus on them in a unique way.
      6) 9/11
      7) The Iraq War. Something that has become the "original sin" of Western governments.
      8) They need to cast themselves as the white knights saving something or someone. It's a kind of narcissism.
      9) The more difficulties or violence that happen in the Muslim world, the more the "syndrome" requires blaming everything on the West. So it's never-ending. By definition. It can't stop, so the justifications get ever more absurd.
      10) If Israel's existence is the root cause of all of it, then all problems in the Muslim world *can* be fixed. And *should * be fixed.
      11) (Slightly joking): I think they're a bit bored with their other causes. This one allows them to be globally important. They can appeal, not just to people living in their own countries, but to huge swathes of the world. Parts of the world that have been oppressed by American foreign policy. And European colonial and imperial adventures.

      It's pretty much got everything. Like the perfect movie.

      Do kids know about Arab-Muslim imperialism etc.? No.
      Could they be taught about it? I'd say no. You would disagree.
      I would come back to this - at the risk of seriously annoying you, which I genuinely don't have to do - I don't see how America, Britain, France etc can teach children/young people that brown-skinned people who were Muslims did similarly bad stuff to white European people. I just can't see how the culture would let that story be told. Hypothetically, if it were told, it would be, I think, quickly followed by saying European people did bad things and that they did it *after*, so that abrogates any bad stuff done by other groups. It's like a constant stream of mental gymnastics. Only one group can be at fault. You can see this in how, when push comes to shove, the progressive left are prepared to throw women, gays, minorities under the bus as long as it's Islam they are protecting. And they do. It's astonishing. Sort of.
      They'll defend people who advocate the stoning of women to death. The idea of being racist trumps everything. Everything.

      It's interesting in the UK, other communities like Hindus and Sikhs - who are incredibly well integrated and assimilated, and successful - are fractious about the special treatment they see the Left giving to Muslims. They - not all of them, obviously - have suggested that their very success, and the fact that they are very proud to be British, works against them. They do not get championed by liberals. Neither do liberal, reformist Muslims. They are loathed by the Left. Maajid Nawaz has said that the regressive left only approve of angry, violent Muslims who want to blow things up and who hate the West. It's a staggering form of racism. And people like him are held in contempt for being reformist, liberal Democrats who criticize Islamism and who want to assimilate and who don't look angry all the time.

    11. "I think you should re-imagine it as the Maginot Line."
      Heh. :)
      I'll try!

    12. Correction in first comment:

      "Which I genuinely don't *want* to do."

    13. "But most people who are influenced by 'narratives' are immune to real history."

      History presented is narrative.

      Untrue history presented is an untrue narrative. (The "Palestinian narrative.")

      True history presented is a true narrative. (The true factual history of the Jewish people and Israel.)

    14. "Ask Halawa: Did an Arab Palestine Exist? - اسأل حلاوة: هل كان هناك بلد عربي اسمه فلسطين؟"

      "Why the Jews Are Indigenous to Israel"

    15. Jeff,
      Re The European left's fascination with "America's racism." I absolutely agree that it is extraordinarily bizarre that the BBC etc are endlessly telling us how incredibly racist America is. It never stops. They ignore actual racism in, practically, all other countries to keep banging on about racism in America and, of course, the UK. British people are constantly informed how unbelievably racist they are. In fact, British people are extremely welcoming and moderate in their views. We have a vanishingly small far-right compared to other European countries. One would never know that from the incessant battering of our media and our intelligentsia; who are convinced that ordinary British people - not them, of course - need constant scolding to prevent them from forming themselves into a mob. It's extraordinary. And a lot of people are fed up with this constant demonization.
      We got wall-to-wall coverage of Ferguson. It was absolute proof of what the media - universities etc - need to believe. If America is the most evil country in the world, then it must still be the most racist. ( Apart, maybe, from Israel,of course.) None of it is about what the world is actually like. It is all about the progressive left worldview.
      Most regular British people - like most Americans - are unimpressed with this view of the world. They know they are not bigots or racists, and just want to get on with their lives. However, we are stuck with an "enlightened" class who know better. I remember reading someone describing President Obama as America's "Chief-scold." Constantly telling the American people what they need to do to improve themselves. "What about the Crusades?" Etc. It's very Guardian. Very!

      There's an amusing website called "So much guardian."
      Which gathers the headlines together for comic effect. :)

      There's an immense snobbery about America from our intellectual class. It's one of the badges they wear. That's true throughout Europe. I should add that conservatives tend to like and admire America very much. But that's because they admire freedom and success.
      And ordinary/regular people do, too.

      I think the problem with the progressive left - and Marxists - is that they insist that the world is supposed to be perfect. And imperfections are seen as signs of insufficient political and cultural commitment to change. Human nature does not get a look-in. I have,like more "conservative" people, a "tragic" view of the world. That humanity is flawed and that, therefore, utopias are not possible. Reforms are possible. Making things better is possible. But *not* utopia. And that's fine. Always strive to make things better, just within the bounds of human possibility.
      The search for Utopia has proved to be one of the most disastrous things ever. But no lessons have been learned. Think Bernie Sanders...

      You are right to worry about Europe's future. It is looking shaky. And our past should give us no right to moralize in your direction.

      It won't stop them, though.

      We, over here, are in for some very difficult times. America - if you take the European-style leftism out of it - is doing a much better job all round. It would be nice if people gave it some credit for that. Some of us do.

    16. PS You are right in saying that the special treatment given to Muslims by the progressive left is not popular with other communities and much of the general population. It is noticed,and it is causing some difficulties. I just don't see the progressive left stopping what they are doing.
      Singling out one group for preferential treatment is never a good idea in the long-term.

  3. The students at San Francisco State have started a petition demanding the resignation of SFSU president Les Wong

  4. This is off-topic, but I have to say that Passover is coming up and although I am not particularly religious we celebrate Passover every year.

    This year we are having close to 20 people over and, naturally, I am going to braise a brisket of beef.

    I am actually a pretty good cook.

    I will preside over the ceremonies and we will hide the afikoman!

    It's just fun.

    I love this holiday. I do.

    1. I dig Passover too, but won't be having anything close to a traditional seder this year. I'm not religious, but interested in the history and traditions.
      I worked a few years back with a lesbian from the former Soviet Union (Ukraine) who never heard of Moses. After telling her about Passover she googled it. So I guess the difference between atheism and state atheism is they just wipe out all human experience that isn't part of the system.
      Around that same time I also made the acquaintance of a young idealist who gave up studying economics, a family tradition, to study to become a rabbi. He told me what he said was the whole passover story which was fascinating to me.

  5. Via Youtube: SFSU president Les Wong on GUPS "I want to offer my personal congratulations to the student leadership of GUPS. They have been an inspiration for me. And they have helped me when I have to tell other community groups to mind their own business. GUPS is the very purpose of this great university."

    Yep. Objective. An honest broker.

  6. Have you seen this shit?

  7. Read the byline at the bottom, carefully

    1. Ah, see what you mean. It's an interesting phenomenon, isn't it?

      This seems rather apposite:

    2. This is good, too:

    3. k,
      I was about to post the Tablet article here. Thanks for that and the Mickey Hartley article.

      What the f___ is that stupid woman's article doing in "The Hill?"
      She is the wife of a "Palestinian" born 3 years before an Arab attempted ethnic cleansing of Jews gone bad, but doesn't use her "authentic" Arab married last name, but instead uses Schwarz. She is nothing more than the 8th dwarf, Sleazy.