Friday, April 15, 2016



What can I tell you guys.

Human beings are unquestionably leaving this solar system within the coming decades.

We are barely getting started.

The Apollo Project brought humanity to the moon.

Next we will put a human being on the surface of Mars and then we will hop from planet to planet until we send human beings beyond our solar system.

It is inevitable.

NASA is only one space flight agency. It is an important one, but it is not the only one. The community of people who are interested in this kind of thing are all over the world and now often represent private interests.

Only a tiny fraction of humanity gives this a moments' thought, but whether we think about it or not, it is happening.

Humanity is on the move.


  1. It's amazing. Awesome, in the true sense of the word.

    Sorry to spoil the mood, but the article below is a brilliant summing-up of...well, a lot.

    1. From the same sort that used to put a smiley face on Stalin. They are lost.

    2. Danny Cohen, who was the Director of BBC Television up until 2015, has said in an interview (£)with the Times today that, as a Jew, he couldn't possibly vote for the Labour party under its present leadership. He is a member of the London intelligentsia so this has caused something of a stir. He said that for a Jew to vote for Corbyn's Labour party would be as nonsensical as a Muslim voting for Donald Trump.
      It's interesting that he's spoken up. I am having some trouble feeling for him as he has spent much of his career helping to fuel the antisemitism he now finds so uncomfortable. I wonder whether that will occur to him? Probably not. At least, I don't imagine so.

  2. Was that a patch Apollo astronauts used to wear?

    1. I am not certain, but I do not think so.

      It seems to be a general image used by NASA to indicate the entire project, rather than any specific mission.

      Here are the mission patches.

      A friend of mine has a mission patch, although not from Apollo, obviously. His last name is Lee and he was involved in the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS)

      I need to contact him and get the details, actually. It was one of those things where they take scientists of various sorts - he's a pharmacologist - and toss them out into some building in the middle of nowhere, for no apparent reason, in the desert.

      Shoot! I have no idea what he was doing!

      I will have to call the guy.

      But I do have a copy of his patch and it is a very cool thing. The guy lives on the Florida panhandle and I need to get this thing framed before he drops by in August.

      We'll go up to Chabot.

  3. I think that Israel should send a black woman to the moon.

    An Ethiopian Jew.

    I can't even imagine what people would say.

    1. No one should play identity politics with space travel. Ever.
      Identity politics is awful.
      Space exploration is extraordinary.

    2. What??

      No identity politics with space travel??


      We need a Black Jewish woman on the moon!

      We need identity politics in space.

      How about a Black Jewish woman and a Gay Latino Jew?

      In the Apollo shots, of course, three men were sent up each time. Two would go down to the surface on the Lunar Module, the LEM. And the third guy would go into lunar orbit thinking to himself, "Well, this just sucks. What about me?"

      I would be more than happy to be that third guy!

      By the way, you know "Buzz" Aldrin allegedly went through emotional difficulties after he got to be the SECOND guy to land on the surface. Apparently it freaked him out. I mean, he must have been thinking to himself something along the lines of, "I could have been Christopher Columbus, but instead Neal Armstrong gets to be Christopher Columbus. I'm just some random schmuck on the Nina."

    3. That's an easy one. They'd call it

    4. When I was growing up we didn't even use "gender." We'd just say "sex."
      Even official forms used the term to ask you about your sex,... I mean gender,... I mean cisgender, ...Oh, screw it! (I mean, have consensual cis-gender male, cis-gender female sexual relations involving cis-male penetration, not that I am against similar transgender relations: just don't tell me about it!)

  4. I think we should send all antizionists to Mars sans return tickets

  5. Re identity:

    "College kids say the darndest things about identity."

    About 4 minutes long.

    My guess is none of these students is doing STEM.

  6. I use to love Danny DeVito. Now he's a terrorist loving bum.

    1. His wife is Jewish. He's probably signaling that he is with the party line.

  7. "I thought last night, in New York City, where the Israeli lobby is big"