Friday, April 8, 2016

Jewish White Racist Snowflake Dreadlocks

Michael L.

{Jewish White Racist Snowflake Dreadlocks audio file.}

Campus employee assaults white studentMost of you guys are probably aware of the recent case of the Jewish White Racist Snowflake Dreadlocks.

Corey Goldstein is a student at San Francisco State University and he has dreadlocks and he is a DJ and he got accosted by some black girl in SFSU's Caesar Chavez student center for, in an allegedly racist manner, "culturally appropriating" his hairstyle which she claims is owned exclusively by her people.
"You're saying that I can't have a hair style because of your culture? Why?" Goldstein asked.

"Because it's my culture," she said.
Who is this white, Jewish kid to confiscate hair-styling from her people, anyway? Who are white kids or Jewish kids to wear anything that comes from formerly colonized Africa?

The whole issue is entirely stupid along the lines of The Great Falafel Debate, but the question of "cultural appropriation" is interesting because it is out there on the Politically-Correct western cultural landscape. My suspicion is that it is basically an insect that can be easily quashed, but if we fail to do so it could transmogrify into a monster.

I have been hard on SFSU because, as a former graduate student there, I deeply resent the fact that the university continues to financially support at least one student organization that directly calls for more violence against the Jewish people. It is not that other universities that I have been associated with have not likewise supported such groups, but that SFSU is unquestionably the most vehemently racist.

The General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) is advised by professor Rabab Abdulhadi and represents the kind of students that gather together at SFSU's Malcolm X. Plaza and raise their fists and cry out "Intifada! Intifada! Long live the intifada!," while wearing their fashionable terrorist scarves. The intifada, of course, is the attempt within Israel by Arab-Muslims to murder Jews. The caterwauling of Abdulhadi's students might as well be, "Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews! We all need to kill the Jews!"

I wonder how SFSU would respond if a bunch of students from Hillel gathered in Malcolm X. Plaza and called for the murder of Arabs or Muslims?

Given the double-standard and the fact that any form of Jewish self-defense is seen as a form of aggression, my guess is that the university administration would act in a manner both swift and harsh.

Former SFSU student, Muhammad Hammad
No wonder that a few years ago the president of GUPS, Muhammad Hammad - genius that he is - went onto social media to hold up his blade and discuss his psychopathological desire to kill Jews in Israel... and this as he was enrolled in the same class as a young female Israeli who was still a member of the IDF. He must have felt rather surprised when the university turned around and booted him off campus.

Corey Goldstein and the Jewish White Racist Snowflake Dreadlocks issue may seem off-topic, but the fact is that Snowflake Nation supports the Big Lie against the Jews of Israel and should be confronted not only on the Arab-Israel conflict, but on their unrelenting and entirely mind-numbing insistence upon Political Correctness.

But the question of "cultural appropriation," in particular, needs to be stomped into the dust.

Cultural Appropriation.

The entire concept is moronic and whatever professor originally came up with it will burn in hell, if he or she is not already. It's just dumb. Every culture borrows from other cultures. No culture is an isolated social system that never borrows from other cultures. In fact, I thought that what we were supposed to get from the Multi-Culti Cult is the joyous sharing of cultural productions.

Y'know, we get to enjoy good Pakistani food and Jihadis get to blow us up.

Seems fair.


  1. A great reply, NSFW


    1. Heya man,

      thanks for dropping by.

      I appreciate it.

  2. "San Francisco State University promotes the rights of the campus community to engage in free speech"

    What a joke these college administrators are. "Malcolm X Plaza"? A Mural of Edward Said? What do either of these two characters have to do with the California State University System or SFSU? An act of free speech? Or is it political messaging and indoctrination? If Lenin and Stalin weren't dead white males they'd murals of them too! To so much as imply that what was going on in that hallway was "free speech" is the kind of joke at which one is no longer allowed to laugh, at SFSU.
    I notice that the formerly politically charged term "harassment" has made an exit from the current political discourse now that it has become fashionable to use against Jews as well as the unaffiliated and those unwilling to be indoctrinated.
    Who came up with the ludicrous notion that college education is an experiment in free speech? This is America. You've had freedom of speech since you were first able to talk. College administrators don't need to keep preening about it. What they need to do is come up with a code of conduct, and the harassment of students by other students should be out of bounds on a university campus no matter how one "feels" about things.

    1. A longer discussion on this subject would include why this jewish kid has gone identity slumming, even though I defend his right to dress and wear his hair however he likes.

  3. If she put her hands on me there would be boxing. That's my culture.

  4. You have to be a special kind of xenophobic narcissist to adhere to "cultural appropriation." But whatta you gonna do when your education system promotes it? And so the long march down the institutions continues.

    1. The whole concept of "cultural appropriation" is friggin' stupid and the dreadlocked kid should never have even bothered to justify his cut.

      We had friends over tonight and served them lasagna.

      I wonder if I should not have contacted my Italian brother-in-law to see if Laurie and I did not culturally appropriate Italy.

      From an ethnic relations standpoint it is incoherent and divisive.

      However, from a political perspective there is a brilliance to it because it advances the alleged victimhood of the snowflakes and their favorite victims of alleged white imperialism - which is why we call them snowflakes, because they are, in fact, pampered.

      Meanwhile, their cries of "Intifada! Intifada! Long live the Intifada!" are nothing less than calls for the murder of innocent Jews... if they believe in such creatures.

      They want their little thumb-sucking "safe spaces" where no one can disagree with them and then they want to hit the street calling for the murder of Jewish people.

      Now, how fucked up is that?

      {And the universities indulge them.}

      It is ethically perverse.

    2. See: Heterodox Academy online. Started by Jon Haidt. It deals with a lot of the issues of a lack of diversity of opinion on campuses.

      And, for good analysis - and humour - see David Thompson's blog on *Typepad*. "Clown Quarter" of Academia.