Monday, May 23, 2016

Facebook and anti-Semitism

Michael L.

Jewish Ritual MurderI have been avoiding this ongoing controversy concerning Facebook and Zuckerberg.

As far as I am concerned, Facebook is an Internet Golem that has bullied its way into our lives.

Zuckerberg, however, is not a wizard, but a businessman.

My friend, Nachman, recently sent me this in an email:

I’ve complained numerous times and still they refuse to admit its a classic anti-Semitic blood libel.
I want to thank Nachman for alerting me to this Facebook page because this is old-school stuff.

Classical straight-forward anti-Semitism, which that link goes to, has become more rare in recent decades as hypocritical left-leaning, BDS, anti-Semitic anti-Zionism has grown in popularity. They both claim to stand for social justice. Even the Nazis claimed to stand for social justice in the sense that they honestly believed that the Jews are evil and that sparing the world from us is in the best interest of all humanity.

In any case, goes to a Facebook page entitled, Jewish Ritual Murder.

Catchy, dontcha think?

The following text is front-and-center:
Born March 22, 1684 - Died 20 April 1690

Saint Gabriel Belostoksky Гавриил Белостокский Born in family of pious Christians Peter and Anastasia, baptized him with the name of Saint Archangel Gabriel in the temple of the Holy Dormition in Zabludovskii Monastery.

One day mother left from house to bring lunch to her husband, jewish tenant use opportunity to abduct little Gabriel as soon was feast of Passover. He secretly tuck him in Bialystok lock up in basement where they torment little Gabriel, occult jews crucified him, with sharp instruments stabbed his body to release blood after nine days of torture Gabriel died in his six year of life.

Occult jews throw Gabriel body into a field at the edge of the forest near the village Zverkov in expectation that dogs will eat his body on their misery the dogs who found body they didn’t rend it but on their barking villagers found the body of a martyr.

Occult jews where found and punished and people deeply moved by such atrocities buried body of martyred baby in church graveyard after many miracles on his grave church pronounce him in saint. Today his incorruptible body lying in the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Bialystok his day of celebration is 20 April (3 May at Julian calendar)
"Occult jews"?

Now, this is great stuff because it is right out of the Middle Ages. The guy who runs this Facebook page - bless his soul - is spreading the word that Jews like to torture and murder innocent Christian children and is doing so straight out of the fourteenth-century.

Jewish people in the West have not heard much of this kind of wacky and dangerous jibber-jabber in quite awhile.

So, Nachman has been banging on Facebook's door and this is the response that he received:
Thanks for your feedback

Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards.

Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment.

We reviewed the Page you reported for displaying hate speech and found it doesn't violate our Community Standards. (Emphasis my own.)

Please let us know if you see anything else that concerns you. If you want us to look at something specific on a Page, be sure to report the content (ex: photo), not the entire Page. We want to keep Facebook safe and welcoming for everyone. 
The ignorance and callousness of the digirati could hardly be more obvious.

What Facebook is telling us is that even the most classic forms of Medieval anti-Semitism do not violate their community standards.


  1. Dear American diaspora Jews who are registered democrats

    Sanders just hired Cornell West and Keith Ellison to help write the DNC platform - both have called for the destruction of Israel. Another is James Zogby - lifelong agitator for the destruction of Israel.

    Debbie Wassernman Schultz just named Eliah Cummings as the chairman of that committee - one of the Hamas 54 who signed a congressional pledge/demand that Hamas be allowed to continue to attack the Jews.

    For her part Clinton named Wendy Sherman - one of John Kerry's flacks her perpetrated the Iran deal.

    I figure there will be open calls for a new holocaust at the convention, or, at the very least, pogroms.

    1. Another Sanders nominee is the founder and chairman of the Arab American Community who among other things organised a boycott of Burger King because they had a franchise in an Israeli town in Judea and Samaria.

    2. As already noted Trudy.
      What on earth is going on in the US?
      Don't you know Sanders is a dangerous crackpot and that "socialism " in any guise or form is the most discredited ideology since the over throw of National Socialism?

    3. Trudy,
      How does Bernie Sanders get to decide who writes the DNC platform?

    4. Through horse trading, the candidates are allowed to name various members of the committee who will arrive at and ultimately publish the official DNC policy platform. In exchange for something we don't know about yet, he was given 3 slots.

    5. Sanders will have his small negative impact on both the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign and then he will disappear into the aether.

      He had good intentions and probably still does. But you know what they say about roads and good intentions.

    6. Trudy,
      Thanks for your reply. BTW, Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. This fact has been lost on the media and great swathes of the Democratic Party. And, yes, it is ridiculous to think his Polish family name was Sanders.

  2. Meanwhile, Donald Drumpg is making nice with David Duke.

    1. The Grand Wizard of the Klan is a Hillary supporter. And Sheldon Silver, convicted felon and former speaker of the NY State Assembly - soon to be going to jail for 15 years for extortion, bribery, influence peddling and corruption is STILL a Hillary super delegate.

      BY the way I get a chuckle out of the people who make fun of Trump's name. As if Sanders' ancestors in Poland were really named Sanders.

    2. Bull, Apparently you are another fake who cares not one whit about Jews or Israel, but only about electing Rethuglicans who will transfer more wealth to the rich.

    3. More concerned about the progressive antisemitism that has crept into the Democratic mainstream than David Duke and the Klan who are far on the fringe.

      Not to mention this:

      Donald Trump on Thursday disavowed comments made by former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke about "Jewish extremists."

      "Antisemitism has no place our society, which needs to be united, not divided," Trump said in a statement to The New York Times, adding that he "totally disavows" Duke's remarks.

      That was May 6th.

      Careful who you call fake. One could say that Democrats are similarly interested in taking care of progressive cronies no less enamored with wealth.

    4. well said oldschooltwentysix; its sad how the media is doing all they can to spin Trumps supporters into worse than Bernie's anti-Semite fans, given and the second link showing that Hillary's supporters are much more pro-Israel, and probably would be more but for Hussein Obama. Bernie's fans are the only ones who support Terrorstinians.

      Another worthwhile look:

    5. If what I've seen recently on (dreaded) Facebook is any indicator of where Bernie supporters are with regard to Israel, you are correct. Many of them tend to vilify and demonize Israel, and also tend to regard themselves as geniuses. They make Pat Condell look like an oracle.

    6. My neighborhood is definitely feeling the Bern.

      The signs are out.

    7. Look tonight in New Mexico and let's talk some more about who are the ones closest to totalitarians.

      They love to tell everyone how moral they are, and this justifies their own immorality.

      They are more concerned about hurtful words than hurtful acts, except their own. In their cause they can call you any name in the book and practice violence, then try to put it off on others as the bad actors.

      Israel is a small part of it, but they break bread with activist Israel haters.

      It's all the fault of conservatives, you see.

    8. I can't even imagine what my real-world friends will do if Trump actually wins the Presidency.

      There will be much wrending of clothing and gnashing of teeth.

      I cannot, at least at this point, see my way clear to supporting either party.

      The Democrats are dead to me and Donald Trump... well?... on foreign policy I am essentially with him to the extent that he will stand up against political Islam and ISIS and Hamas.

      At the same time, I hate the way that he has conducted himself in this campaign.

    9. Helps to be in a state where voting actually matters.

      In any event, those who act like Chicken Little will probably find they have overreacted. That will not stem their hate, which rises to the fore for anyone that does not share in the agenda.

      Doubt that Trump will trample Constitutional principles like separation of powers. After all, he's not professor of Constitutional law.

  3. I think the Dems will come to their senses; there will be an outcry against West and Zogby, certainly West (given his comments on Obama being a niggerized POTUS, war criminal, global George Zimmerman). Hillary has opposed BDS and got her church to switch on it; I won't be too shocked if Zogby and West get booted. But if it doesn't, I might be voting Trump.

  4. Everyone needs to join and subscribe to "They Can't", where by mass reporting we get things taken down on FB and Youtube

  5. BTW MICHAEL that page has been removed. It's one we constantly take down. It will re-appear in a week or two. What I don't get is why FB doesn't block the IP address

  6. oldschooltwentysix,

    "More concerned about the progressive antisemitism that has crept into the Democratic mainstream than David Duke and the Klan who are far on the fringe."

    The David Duke, KKK fringe is having its voice heard loud and clear through the "progressive" antisemites.
    Bernie Sanders believes all he has to do is say that somehow he is "pro-Israel" to be believed by those who want to believe it. Why not? It's worked for Obama, and it's worked for J Street, and Peter Beinart amongst media types and the blind who imagine that any and all do-gooder-ism is a wholly-owned subsidiary of left wing politics. As some from a liberal upbringing I now find this formulation obnoxious and totalitarian.

  7. Keep your passports current. A Hillary victory will legitimize the closest thing to pogroms the US has ever seen.