Monday, May 9, 2016

I Have Nothing to Say

Michael L.

But Jews who can get out of Europe... should.


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    1. I don't want to overstate it, I suppose, but it seems pretty clear to me that much of Europe is mainstreaming anti-Semitism and the new mayor of London has a history of Islamist associations.

      The truth, of course, is that much of this racism is derived from the Muslim community who are very well known for seriously disliking Jews.

      The great irony is that if I point this out it makes me a racist in progressive eyes.

    2. The new mayor of London has had some "associations" but is not an Islamist. We will have to give him time to show us what he's really like. He's opposing Corbyn's wing of Labour. So it will be interesting.

  2. I'm one of those who can't. I am extremely worried.

    1. Shira,
      Hello. Can you say where you are? And what in particular is making you so worried? Perfectly understand if you don't want to be too specific, but if it's possible to understand a bit more, that would be great. So sorry to hear that you are so worried.

    2. Shira where are you?
      I have some plans in place with the Jewish Community in Australia. If you want to contact me, you can on

    3. I'm sorry for replying so late, k and Shirl, I've been dealing with a lot of stuff and have only just had the brainspace and time to come back and see your really kind replies.

      I'm in Wales, and I'm worried because I see where things are heading - have seen it since around 2003-4. I grew up in an area of London with a lot of Jews, and I experienced a lot of often violent Jewhate, growing up, as did my siblings, so it takes a lot to shake us, and we are shaken. Most of my friends are Corbyn fans and I am feeling the inevitable isolation (in addition to the physical isolation of being housebound and living in remotest Wales where I'm the only Jew for many, many miles). My Get Out Now klaxon started going off a couple of years ago. I don't know if the ultimate Get Out Now point will be next year or in five or ten years (I suspect we'll be lucky to manage five), but it is coming and I have no idea what to do when it does. I have no way of going home to Israel.

      Almost all my so-called anti-racist friends are at best ignoring and at worst justifying/denying/downplaying Jewhate, even when we are murdered - even when we are murdered outside Israel. If you'd described the situation of 2016 to me in 2000, and asked me what year I thought I was hearing about, I'd have said 2035-40; if you'd asked me in 2006, I'd have said 2030-35; in 2012, 2020-2025. It keeps getting worse, faster.

      My immediate family, with whom I have a somewhat strained relationship, plan to go to Canada. I wouldn't be allowed in anyway, as I am chronically ill and disabled and unable to work, and in any case I think it's foolish for Jews to flee to anywhere but Israel.

      There is of course the added complication that my partner is a) not Jewish b) also disabled, as we don't have the money for him to get his knees replaced c) father to children who are still too young for us to move to another country away from them; the youngest is 11. So even if we could afford to get to Israel and keep ourselves afloat once there, which we absolutely cannot, we couldn't go for another five years anyway.

  3. The largest deployment of French troops since the end of the Algerian war is going on France. Half of ready force of the French army is now deployed in France to attempt to maintain order in the face of growing terrorism, 'migrant' violence and the like.

  4. **please no i live in france its a nightmare for all the jews help us**

    I have this comment on the FB page of my website, on this article

    Over 3,500 views.

    1. Shirl,
      Did you hear from Shira?
      Hoping she's all right.

    2. Thanks for asking K not as yet.
      Shame this is Blogger and not Wordpress, as om my website you have to register an address, if a correct one is given they can be found.

  5. Hi Shira,
    Good to hear from you. You are obviously having a really hard time. I understand more of the complexities of your situation considering your family circumstances and your health difficulties. Of course that must make things much more difficult to see a way out of. I understand you are in the wilds of Wales, can you say whereabouts? I used to know parts of Wales very well. Perfectly understandable if you don't want to be specific. As you know, probably, I'm also in the UK. In England. And I,too, grew up in London. I am also alarmed by the atmosphere in the UK. And have been worrying about it myself. The advent of Corbyn and his attending supporters certainly hasn't helped. At all! And yes, it is horribly different when so many people one knows are actually supporting him and downplaying the truly awful antisemitism that we are witnessing. You are definitely not alone in being alarmed. What concerns me is that you are obviously really distressed. If coming on here and sharing any of that, or more specific worries re what is happening, could in any way help, I hope you know there are people here who are very much wanting to help. I know that doesn't solve the problems, but it might give you someone "to talk to." Please stay in touch if possible. We are keen to do what we can.
    Very, very best wishes, Kate.