Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Refugee Problem


The Syrian “refugee” problem that has exploded on the world scene is, I believe, a harbinger of things to come. The conditions for mass emigration present in Syria are to a large degree present in all Muslim majority nations.

What follows is an objective, honest, factual, politically incorrect analysis that will allow us to correctly understand what we can expect, with the millions of “refugees” that are coming and will continue to come from Muslim countries.

They are coming from Muslim majority countries because these countries are in the worst groups when, economic development, civil strife, external strife (wars), local groups fighting each other, prejudice, superstition, disenfranchisement of women and little or no educational opportunity, are considered. The Arab World Competitiveness Report shows some indications of the above failings.

In short they are failed states.

Professor Huntington stated, in his book, “Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order”, that civilization conflicts are “particularly prevalent between Muslims and non Muslims”. He identifies “the bloody borders” between Islamic and non Islamic Civilizations. An article by Joseph Wouk, a few years ago, stated that 95% of the world’s conflicts involve a Muslim population. A cursory examination of the world’s conflicts today, would show that the Muslim population is involved in the large majority of these conflicts. A Washington Post article pointed out that unemployment in Muslim majority countries, particularly among younger people, remains high. The article also stated that growth per capita income among Arab countries lagged behind China, Latin America and Africa.

So we can expect massive migrations of people from these “failed economies”.

The question is, how to apportion these refugees among the rest of the world.

One algorithm that we could apply is to assume 20% of the 1.6 billion Muslims would like to emigrate out of their native country. These 320 million people could then be apportioned with each country absorbing the percentage of these refugees as their percentage of world population. (7 billion people) We will call this the Refugee Integration Index (RII).

So the United States with a population of 300 million should accept sufficient Muslims to equal the percentage of 300 million divided by 7 billion. This amounts to almost 14 million people.

This algorithm, although simple, disregards the very important fact that, the refugees do not want to resettle in the Muslim majority countries, such as Indonesia, Pakistan, or Bangladesh. For example, when was the last time you saw advertised a full week all expense trip to Bangladesh? The sum of the populations of the top twenty three nations with the biggest Muslim populations, adds up to 1.35 billion people, which should be subtracted from the world’s population of 7 billion. This list contains, in addition to the above mentioned countries, such desirable immigrant destinations as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, etc.

The Social Progress Index published in Oxford, measures the capacity of a society to meet the basic needs of it’s inhabitants. They are also, least welcoming for immigrants. Some of the countries in those groups are: China, India,Thailand, Russia, Poland and Vietnam. Their population totals another 2.85 billion people, for whom “refugees” are not desirous of joining. That figure added to the 1.35 billion totals 4.2 billion.

Four billion two hundred million people who live in countries from where the people either want to leave or to where “refugees” do not want to go! This figure subtracted from the 7 billion gives 2.8 billion, as the possible population of the potentially welcoming countries.

The respective RII figures for Germany, Great Britain and France are, 3%,2%.2% .
The fact that these figures are much lower than the actual figures may indicate why integration has failed in these countries.

The proportion of residents who identify as Muslims in Great Britain is approximately 4% , which is double the RII calculated. The Muslim population of 6% in Germany is also double the calculated RII. This is planned to rise much more according to the stated policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel.
France with an RII of 2 %, presently contains over 7% of its population who identify as Muslims.
These countries and other countries in Europe follow the Python theory of immigration. A Python eats an entire animal and then slowly digests it. Unfortunately , this Python process does not seem to be working in Europe.

A BBC poll showed that 45% of Muslims residing in Britain support hate preachers. 11% support Jihad against the West.

Employment rate among Pakistani and Bangladeshi residents is 49% compared to 73% among the general public.

In France, despite the repeated denials by politicians of “no go zones”. There are numerous areas where the police prefer not to enter. One neighborhood is Seine Saint -Denis, where 40% of the youths younger than 25, are jobless. In any country, with any group, that type of situation leads to crime, riots and civil disobedience. Of course, everybody should remember the Charlie Hebdo terrorist massacre, the Bartaclan Theatre massacre and the Kosher supermarket massacre.

In Germany, the recent New Years Eve civil disobedience of riots, sexually molesting women, rapes, and general mayhem,has ignited some “right” groups to stop immigration of any “refugees”.
Just as a Python has to ensure that the swallowed animal doesn't destroy the host by eating it from the inside (a crocodile for example,) so must the host nations ensure that the “refugees” do not become a permanent “entitlement” culture and engage in civil disobedience, etc.
The assimilation (Python digesting) phenomenon simply has not occurred!

According to Daniel Greenfield, a New York writer focusing on radical Islam:
The Turks who have been coming to Germany since the 1950's now constitute over three million, with over 2.5 million as German citizens. Yet 80% of these families, still receive “state benefits”. (Hartz IV Empfanger). The “Turks” in Germany have a birth rate of 5% compared to the null growth rate of “native” Germans.

The recent terrorist attacks in Belgium show, most definitely, that “integration” into the “native” population can not be achieved. Some commentaries about the million Belgium Muslims (around 10% of the population), shows that,75% hold strict Islamist views and two thirds view Islamic law as more important than national law. The Washington Post reports, that a Belgium ministry official says, that between 20% to 30 % of the prison population are Muslims. Abaaoud who helped plan the Paris attacks met Abdeslam in jail. Abdeslam was captured in Belgium. Abdeslam's brother, who blew himself in the Paris attacks, also was in a Belgium prison. Those figures show the breakdown of the “python” theory of immigration. The family, friends and neighborhood were all complicit in hiding the suspect of the French terrorist attacks , for four months. Belgium has produced the largest number of Muslims who have gone to Iraq and Syria to join the Islamic State. The correlation to antisemitism is that the first Islamic State attack in Europe (2014) was at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

What about the United States?The great “melting pot”, the “assimilation machine”, the country that makes people feel that they are, first and foremost, Americans. Using the new ratio of population divided by 2.8 billion gives an RII of 11% for the United States and a population of 32 million Muslims.

Immigration from Muslim countries is the fastest growing segment of our annual admissions. The countries with some of the highest percentage increases are: Saudi Arabia (93%), Bangladesh (37%), Iraq (36%), Pakistan (24%) , and Nigeria (21%).

The Pew Organization released some startling data on the support among Muslims worldwide for “making sharia the official law in their country”. The figures for Bangladesh were 82%, Iraq 91%,Pakistan 84%, and Nigeria , the “rape” capital of the world, 71%. Of course, Saudi Arabia already has Sharia as the official law of the land.

It is foolish to think that this group will change their minds after living in the United States.
Another result from the Pew Organization shows 31% of U.S. Muslims see a “conflict between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society.” A poll commissioned by the Center for Security Policy states that, 51% of Muslims living in America believe, “Muslims in America should have the choice of being governed according to Sharia.”

Twenty nine percent of males under 45 believe that violence against America is justified in order to make Sharia the law of the land. According to the N.Y.U. Center for the Study of Asian American Health, there are approximately 30,000 Bangladeshi in New York City. Their per capita income is $10,479 compared to the New York average of $22,402. New Yorkers who live in “poverty” constitute 21% of the population, compared to 31% of the Bangladeshi.

Of course, there is the “elephant in the room”. Namely, the high correlation of anti semitic crimes with the increase in the Muslim population. France, Belgium and Sweden are three of the more glaring examples of this phenomena. A recent report by the Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-SE), stated “Islamic education curriculum in the United States project hostility toward Israel and distort the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Let Dr. Martin Luthor King remind you that “when people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking anti semitism.”

In summary, whether because of cultural and/or religion, Muslim immigrants have failed to integrate, to modify or to adopt a new national identity.

The Muslim majority countries will continue to decline. We can expect many more millions of “refugees” from these countries. The “accepting” countries will experience an exponential decrease in their quality of life.

What could be done to prepare or prevent this civilization changing action? The answer to that question should be, but presently isn't, the major objective of every government.


  1. Not sure what this is saying.
    A failed state is not the same as a failing economy.
    Syria is in the middle of a catastrophic civil war. With horrendous casualties and suffering.
    That is not true of most countries.
    People from a Turkish background living in Germany may not have achieved employment rates that are as high as the general population but they do not engage in terrorist attacks.
    There needs to be nuance in this.
    Talking about how many people receive state benefits is quite different in European welfare state systems than in America.

    Will many more people want/need to leave some parts of the world? Yes, of course. No one really knows how many, or what that will mean. It is certainly a problem that the Western world will be dealing with for a long time. The world is changing. That can't be stopped. Some countries will respond differently than others. European Union policy will be crucial in the coming months and years.

  2. Off topic:

    Did anyone read the NYT profile/interview with Ben Rhodes? It's breathtaking. Utterly. He explains how he duped and manipulated everyone re the Iran deal. It's one of the most extraordinary things I've ever read. Why would he tell us all this? Amazing. What a phenomenonally awful guy. And he's cheek by jowl with Obama.

  3. One of the most useful and valuable tools in the drawer for European and western governments generally is to lie. Merkel grudgingly admitted in the last 2 months that not only had TWICE as many 'migrants' come to Germany, about 2 million, not 1, but that when the government said they'd keep track of it, they knew that was a lie when they said it and they've lost track of upwards of 750,000 of them. Similarly, Obama is admitting this week that virtually everything they told Congress, their own Defense Dept and all of the American people regarding the Iran 'deal' was a lie they knew was a lie while they were uttering it.

    Obama is now telling us that when he said he'd allow in 15,000 'migrants' from the Mideast he was lying then too - or at the least inaccurate by a factor of 7 or more.

    Similarly virtually everything trotted out about the ACA is in fact, a lie.

    In the UK it's a lie to say Labour is imploding under a torrent of antisemitic incidents. It's had little effect and may have helped an Islamist become Mayor of London. Cameron's government knows it's a lie to say any of this is contained.

    In France the government knows we know they're lying while they're lying about out of control violence, terrorists no one can find or threats to everyone everywhere. In Belgium the government hands out antiradiation Iodine pills to the entire country and lies when they say they've got it covered. We know they're lying. They know we know they know it. In Sweden they're locking up reporters who still report in 'migrant' rapes and violence and mayhem. They're suppressing and censoring the news and we know they're lying about it.

    And so on. But the key to a good lie isn't crafting it so that it's believable. No, the secret is to bombard everyone with lies so that they no longer care. Everyone knows it's nonsense. No one cares anymore. All that's left is everyone's agenda.

    From Chinese banking to the Venezuelan economy to the Zimbabwe dollar it's all complete horseshit and everyone knows it is. Everyone knows that Obama, Cameron, Trudeau, Merkel, and all the rest are lying out their asses. If any of them announced that the sub rises in the east, you should check with an astronomer first.

    We've lived in a post-factual world for a while now where facts, if they still exist, are irrelevant. Reality itself is now officially an irritating detail.

    This is the best statement

    1. No evidence that Sadiq Khan is an Islamist. None.

    2. Other than his long relationship with Mozzam Begg and CAGE.

    3. He's definitely had some difficult relationships. Those have been documented. However, he himself is not an Islamist. They are different things. Important in their difference.

    4. A moderate Nazi, a kinder more refined al Qaeda.