Saturday, May 14, 2016

Recent Comments (Updated Again!)

Michael L.

Well, the recent comments list seems to have disappeared into the aether!

I would very much encourage you guys to continue these conversations by simply going into the piece and finding where you left off with whomever you were speaking with.

I will get this taken care of shortly, but I have to tell you, my tech skills are not necessarily the best.

Maybe I should put up a donate button, or raise funds in some manner, so that I can simply hire somebody on an ad hoc basis when these little issues arise.


Well, this is turning into a remarkable pain in the neck.

For some reason the "Recent Comments" widget just died and I am having a surprisingly difficult time installing code that functions.

I will be banging my head on my laptop until I get this fixed, but if anyone has any suggestions I am all ears... or, really, eyeballs... but y'know.

Second Update:

This is proving much more elusive than I would have thought.

You can get various codes on-line, but none of them seem to work.

My suspicion is that it is not so much the blog, itself, as the service.

But, in my opinion, a "recent comments" list is essential.

I'll keep plugging at it guys, but no more today.

Oh, and by the way, blogger help is virtually worthless.


  1. Nothing gets me cursing like a computer.

    1. Yeah, I'm not exactly a tech guy, but I will get this resolved shortly.

  2. You might find that your problem is not with your blog but with Blogger.

    1. I will get this resolved in a day or two, I just don't want to lose you guys.

    2. Oh my G-d

      I have to tell you guys, I am just beat.

      What a weekend. Yikes!

      It was clusterfucks throughout the Bay Area... by me.

      Including, just today, locking myself out of the vehicle with the engine running.

      That was a first!

      Thank Christ I had my phone in my pocket.

      Much to my happiness Laurie took it in good cheer despite the fact that she was heavily involved in a home project and had to drive down with her own car keys to free me from a very embarrassing moment.

      And I will get the "recent comments" thing going, although I do not know why my attempts yesterday did not work. It's going to be high priority tomorrow.

      But really, in terms of this joint, what's going on are my intros to Nothing Left in Melbourne, which should start airing within a week or two, and my attempts to get some Jewish leaders around SF of my acquaintance to sit down with the president of SFSU.

      They may not even want me to sit with them for the obvious reason that I have referred to SFSU as among the most racist universities in the known galaxy.


      So, although there is interest, I also know that my own presence my be problematic.

      In truth, I don't really care so long as someone tells Wong that calls for intifada are nothing less than calls for the murder of Jews.

  3. Heyy!

    "Recent Comments" problem resolved!

    And I learned something.

    Google, that runs blogspot and blogger - whatever the difference is - does not care about its bloggers.

    Apparenly a bunch of bloggers lost their recent comment list because the third party maintaining that widget did not really do so and it got corrupted.

    I want to thank Google for not informing any of us of what was going on or how to resolve the problem.

    It only took me 3 hours of wasted time banging my head against the wall in order to find code that actually works.


    1. This calls for a musical celebration: