Thursday, November 9, 2017

Social Media Notes # 3

Michael Lumish

On a Facebook post, Jordan Rapport wrote the following:
I don’t understand how so many progressives recognize the soft racism of the alt right, and Richard Spencer, but then turn around to display their own soft antisemitism through anti Zionism. It’s hypocritical and disgusting.
In the comments, the question of "intersectionality" came up.

Part of what I like about social media is that it gives me a greater sense of how people think.

Not just how intellectuals think, but how normal people think.

In this case, a person in the thread asked, what is "intersectional"?

I have to tell you, I take that as a terrific sign.

It makes me happy in much the same way that if I speak to a person and they have no idea who Linda Sarsour is... that makes me happy, too.


It means that antisemitic anti-Zionism, and its attendant "intersectionality," are not gaining quite as much traction as some of us might fear.

Nonetheless, I worry about some of our pro-Jewish / pro-Israel friends.

Sticking your neck out on this issue can be pretty fucking costly in a variety of interesting ways.


  1. Problem is, college kids know about intersectionality and Linda Sarsour. They will bring that crap with them to leadership positions in gov't. Obama was just the first wave.

    1. Ayup.

      There are people endeavoring to stem the anti-Zionist tide in the progressive-left and the Democratic Party, but in truth the Democrats are setting the stage for the next round of violence against the Jewish people.

      Just look at Kerry's recent comments about how Israel does not want peace.

  2. Intersectional? I thought it was some sort of sofa.

  3. Fighting back:

    This is a way to hit where it hurts.

    1. Infiltration of the educational system primed the Nazi movement.

      What has happened, and is happening, in our educational system is but another reason why Trump is not the cause of American society's current fracturing.