Tuesday, November 7, 2017

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left
This week Michael Burd and Alan Freedman hear from Stan Goodenough, a Christian advocate living and working in Israel who attended the Beersheba commemorative festivities last week, and then hear from acclaimed author, playwright and film producer Tuvia Tenenbom who is visiting Australia shortly.

The guys have a fascinating interview with British political commentator Jamie Palmer on why the Left hates Israel and catch up with Isi Leibler in Jerusalem as usual.

2 min Editorial: Balfour Declaration

8 min Stan Goodenough at Beersheba festivities

26 min Tuvia Tenenbom, author, film producer and commentator

51 min Jamie Palmer, political commentator on why the Left hates Israel

1 hr 30 Isi Leibler in Jerusalem

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  1. Hypocrisy of the Anti-Israel BDS Movement:


  2. I owe Daily Kos a certain debt of gratitude.

    It was dkos that taught me about the proliferation of antisemitic anti-Zionism prevalent on the progressive-left.

  3. Racists.
    Ask them explain the map the Pals plaster everywhere and refer to as "all of historic Palestine," in historic detail.
    Ask them how the "white" colonialist temple got underneath the "indigenous" mosque on the Temple Mount.
    Ask them if they really believe Jesus was an Arab shaheed.
    Who was Palestine named for, and who named it?
    Ask them why they obsess over an imaginary historic people while actual historic peoples who are starved for freedom and independence, and whose suffering is so much greater get just some lip service, if anything, and only when someone else brings it up?
    The "Palestinian" cause is racist from the get go.

  4. Ask them if they are aware that much of the anti-zionist slogans and jargon they use everyday was developed in the Soviet Union. Ask them if they know that the Soviet Union was imperialist and colonialist on a grand scale. Ask them if they know that Russia was a particularly antisemitic country and that the Soviet Union suppressed Judaism and oppressed Jews. Ask them if they know that even party loyalists who were of jewish extraction were often subjects of conspiracy theories, and often jailed, or executed.
    Ask them if they agree that there was never a Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.
    The Romans first renamed Judea "Palestine," they also renamed Jerusalem "Aelia Capitolina, whilst the Arabs call it "Al Quds." Which of these names are correct, and why? Which most closely represent an indigenous name?
    The current seat of government for the PA is in Nablus. That name is a corruption (transliteration) of the Greek name "Neapolis" which in turn was a renaming of Shechem (Hebrew). Which came first? Which came last? Is there another name for this town that comes from authentic ancient "Palestinian?" What is it?
    Archeologists have discovered artifacts supporting the existence of the ancient Jebusites in Jerusalem. They were looking for this evidence based on the only literary source that ever mentions the Jebusites, namely, the Hebrew Bible. Mahmoud Abbas says the Jebusites were his ancestors, and that the Jews were never there. Should we believe him or our lying eyes? Abbas periodically incites riots, murder and mayhem in and around the Temple Mount by telling his people (Muslims) that the Jews are planning to destroy Al Aqsa, even though the Israeli government has never had any plans to do so. What peaceful purpose does Abbas have in mind when he does this? When he says that Jews have dirty feet, how does that advance the cause of peace? When PA TV pans the Western Wall and refers to the Jews praying there as "filth," how is the PA advancing peace, i.e., what is its peaceful purpose? Is that racist perhaps?
    Saeb Arekat's family are Arabs. They migrated from southern Arabia to the outskirts of Jerusalem in the 19th century. He tells everyone who will listen that he cannot recognize Israel as a Jewish state because it's disrespectful of his ancient Arab Canaanite ancestors. He says this even though he is demonstrably not of Canaanite ancestry, and the Canaanites were demonstrably not Arabs. Should we believe him?
    Hanan Ashrawi is fond of making the claim that her family were amongst the first Christians in Jerusalem. The first christians in Jerusalem of course were Jews. They weren't even called Christians, they were called...Jews. Despite the obvious mathematical challenges of her boast, do you think she is saying she's really Jewish? :0)

  5. Jeff,

    people believe what they want to believe.

    And what they do believe is mainly created out of social-group pressure over time.

    The thing of it is, Jews are 1 to 2 percent of the US population.

    Most "regular" Americans don't care about us any more than we tend to concern ourselves with the well-being of our friends in the Czech Republic. And why the hell should they?

    The Jews are one small interest group among many others throughout the West and are partially responsible - as far as they know - for the persecution of the "indigenous Arab population."

    So, what are you going to do?

    Argue someone out of that position at a cocktail party or over a pint in an Irish pub?

  6. First we bomb the Universities.....except the one you work at of course.;)

  7. "people believe what they want to believe.

    And what they do believe is mainly created out of social-group pressure over time."

    Tell me something I don't know.

    I spend most of my time around "regular" Americans and the subject almost never comes up. But it does seem to come up at the Daily Kos, the NYT, college campuses, the streets of London, etc. And it affects government policy, locally, nationally, globally.

    Cocktail parties? I tend not to get into heated political arguments at social events such as cocktail parties. I'm not political every minute. Give me a scenario.

  8. I do, however, think that if you asked most people about Czechs, they wouldn't have much to say.

  9. I have one test. Show someone a map of Israel, all of Israel and ask them to name that country. If they say Israel they're good.