Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gazan women creating balloon bombs

Michael Lumish

Why are so many sympathetic Westerners almost entirely oblivious to what Gazans and Hamas are doing to Israel? How many thousands of acres need to be burned along the border from these balloon incendiary devices? How many more animals need to be burned alive, including those within animal preserves? People tend to think that Israel is strong... and it is strong, but it is also perpetually under siege. We are talking six or seven million Jews surrounded by about 350 million Arabs who generally do not want them there.

 So, who is the underdog?



  1. Arsonists, firebugs, are among the most reviled people around. When I worked in jails you did not want to be labelled a firebug because you would be hurt bad. It has to do with the nature of fire, it's horrific results and the inevitability of harm. Yet Gazan firebugs are celebrated as peaceful protesters. There is something dreadfully pathological about pro-Palestinians. Their brains don't work right and neither do their moral centers. (and of course you would not be wrong to wonder if they do indeed have a moral center.)

    1. That's the thing.

      The West does not care about how Arabs treat one another.

      The question is, why?

    2. Who in this country care how black people treat each other?

      None of this speaks very well for our reputation as purveyors of universal values, does it?

  2. “One [New York] Times opinion editor,
    Matt Seaton, even admitted last year [2014 CE]
    that the newspaper has a policy of
    veering away from criticism of Palestinians.”

    Final sentence of article titled:
    New York Times Editor: Coverage of Israel
    Most Criticized Aspect of Opinion Pages

    by Shiryn Ghermezian, 2015 October 14,
    found in: The Algemeiner.



    “Like all things Islamic, the Palestinians have
    long-been officially above criticism in the West…”

    Useful idiots for Palestine
    by Patrick Condell, 2011 November 4


    Mr. Patrick Condell is an atheist,
    who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE,
    and raised in England as a Roman Catholic,
    and educated in Church of England schools.

    He has no Jewish ancestors and no religious
    beliefs that might cause him to favor Jews.


    Mr. Ben Cohen of JNS dot org said:

    “The answers were similarly emphatic when
    the respondents were asked for their views on
    Israel, which most Arabs still perceive
    as a threat to their very existence,
    even those living thousands of miles
    to the west in Morocco and Libya


    Arab Homophobia and Western Indifference
    by Mr. Ben Cohen of JNS dot org * 2019 June 30

    NOTE: The distance between Israel
    and Morocco is approximately 2,400 miles.

    QUESTION: If this does not prove
    that Arabs think irrationally about Israel,
    then what would?

  3. Perhaps should add that many of these women would be happy if a son becomes shahid. What's the big deal about some balloons?

    Israel should create some drones to patrol the border that zap like tasers as a deterrent. Or drop skunk juice or even a dye that stays for 6 weeks.

    1. How about dropping some incendiary devices on their heads? As they are burning to death they might have thought that the balloon thing might not have been such a good idea.

    2. What saddens me the most is that so many Westerners honestly consider the Israeli-Jews to be the "bad guys."

    3. Incendiary devices? No thanks. That would be a war crime. But imagine if a drone could direct a kind of shock on an individual that would incapacitate for several minutes and create an experience that would make them think twice before doing it again.

  4. Uzi Baruch wrote:

    Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed
    has banned the wearing of the niqab
    [Islamic] face-veil in public institutions
    “for security reasons.”

    Tunisia bans the niqab Muslim face cover in public
    by Uzi Baruch, 5/7/2019 for Israel National News

    QUESTION: When will Europe and North America
    follow their example, and wisely ban the niqab?


    Mr. Stephen M. Flatow [an attorney
    in New Jersey and father of Alisa Flatow,
    who was murdered in an Iranian-sponsored
    Palestinian terrorist attack in 1995] said:

    “…Israel ended its rule over 98 percent [98%]
    of the Palestinian Arabs back in [year] 1995.
    It is the Palestinian Authority that rules them.

    The gang [of political Far-Leftists and Progressives
    and Socialists] knows that Israel does not rule the area.
    So why do the Progressive Networkers persist in
    promoting the fantasy that Israel rules over the Arabs?

    Because demonizing Israel as the occupier galvanizes
    their followers. It gives them something to be upset about…”

    SOURCE: Ten Jewish groups unite
    against Israeli democracy
    by Stephen M. Flatow


    Evelyn Gordon [a journalist living in Israel] said:

    “Palestinians’ rights matter when targeted by Israel,
    but not when targeted by the Palestinian Authority.

    And Israeli rights never matter, except when violated by Israel.”

    When human rights become acceptable collateral damage
    by Evelyn Gordon, 2019 July 3

    1. That last one is the most important one. I was going to ask why the lack of sympathy for the Palestinians suffering at the hands of their government, either PA or Hamas, for the "crime" of seeking accommodation with Israel.

  5. The 'palestinians' have been the underdog ever since they were invented thousands of weeks ago.
    O.K. So why are gullible westerners oblivious to Hamas? Easy. They are taught to hate Israel. They are told that Israel is the bad guy, and if you want to be liked you too will regard Israel as the bad guy. You want to be liked, don't you? You want to get ahead, no? This is your ticket. Your acceptance to the club depends partly on this. Not hating Israel is a deal breaker. How do you think Jew hatred has survived for millennia? There are many rewards in having contempt for Jews, in believing the worst about Jews. The Nazis having given antisemitism a bad name presents a complication that is being massaged and worked on all the time.
    It doesn't help that there exist Jewish organizations that easily could be named "Jews for a second Holocaust."
    How about "IfNotNow?" Is that supposed to be cute? Every time I see that name, "IfNotNow," the very first thing that pops into my head is "fuck you!" Are these the same people in charge of naming pop bands?
    Breaking the Silence? What a bunch of bullshit, mendacious, sadomasochistic kumbaya. That could just be renamed, "Liars Anonymous."
    Listen up, kids! No one gets rewarded for losing.

    1. They all deserve the umbrella name Good Little Dhimmis United.

  6. FWIW, head to Israellycool to see the Panorama expose (unavailable outside UK) on antisemitism in the Labour Party under Corbyn before it's taken down.

    Also seen here:

  7. Incredibly, Dems are accusing AOC of using the "race card," because she can't get her own way with Pelosi.

    I thought "race card," accusations were out of the GOP playbook. I'm so confused.

    1. These days the race card applies to anyone you disagree with. It's nice to see the Democrats using the monster they've created against each other.

    2. mrzee, not just nice...hilarious.

  8. "Every week's Hamas-organized Gaza demonstrations have a different slogan.

    Today's slogan is "No negotiation, no peace, no recognition of the entity."

    I wonder if any supposedly "pro-peace" groups will be upset that the people they claim want peace with Israel explicitly say they will never accept any peace under any circumstances.

    I'm not expecting a statement from Peace Now condemning the slogan."

    "No negotiation, no peace, no recognition of the entity."

    Right out of their mouths yet the international community will try and convince us all these genocidal terrorists want peace; no matter what they say and do. No wonder peace has never been achieved.

    1. The international community, especially their benefactors, may be pulling the plug before long. The people keep looking over at the Arabs in Israel, who grow increasingly pleased with their state, and start to demand better. Kushner's plan has appeal. Not to mention the benefactors see the value of working with Israel. The sea change has started, but nothing says it will succeed, especially with the globalist manipulation that enables Iran.