Tuesday, July 9, 2019


Michael Lumish

It always amazes me how confident people can be in their own political opinions.

We have a tendency, both Left and Right, to plant our flags and defend them to the death.

Anyone who pays attention to politics understands about confirmation bias and how it tends to snuggy-up with our better feelings about ourselves.

I have dropped out of writing articles for awhile now. There are a number of reasons for this.

One reason is the weird distortion of American politics in the era of Trump.

This moment in American history bears an eerie resemblance to the United States of 1968.

The country is polarized and there is fighting in the streets.

There is no "loyal opposition." Those who disagree are considered the enemy.

But what always strikes me is that in 1968, tens of thousands of young American men died in the conflict in Vietnam.

The Ku Klux Klan was still active and popular in the southern states and still engaged in the hanging sport.

Within many households, men still expected women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

And racism, in general, was far worse than it is now.

And, yet, this American cultural moment is as angry and as violent as 1968.

The question is, why?


  1. Ask Megan Rapinoe.

    More seriously, it's technology and social media and the dumbing down of many people into ignorance about why this nation matters and what will be if it is lost.

    1. That is a concise way of putting -- my old friend, Mr. School -- and I think that you are correct.

      They also do not seem to understand that open borders means the end of the nation-state. The end of the nation-state obviously means the end of every sovereign country, including the United States.

      So much for the Peace of Westphalia, which helped create the system of nation-states to begin with.

      The open borders idiots have no clue what they are advocating for.

      Ultimately, it could only result in a one-world authoritarian system.