Thursday, July 18, 2019

Responding to Omar's proposed BDS resolution

Sar Shalom

Someone in the House should speak on the floor regarding Ilhan Omar's proposed resolution supporting the BDS movement in front of a picture like the following.
In front of that picture, he or she should say:
Here is a picture of the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives. Notice the tombstones in the picture. What do you think the purpose is of those tombstones?

Many of you hearing that question are probably asking why I bother to ask that question. You probably think it is obvious that their function is to mark who is buried in the cemetery and their exact burial location. However, not everyone agrees that it is so obvious. When Jordan occupied the territory between 1949 and 1967, the occupation authorities saw the tombstones as a resource to be harvested to pave their latrines.

So I ask the esteemed sponsor of the present resolution, is that what you believe the proper function is for these tombstones? Do you believe that they are meant for paving Arab latrines?


  1. Will it get any stranger for Omar and her immigration issues. Looks like her dad is like Rasmea Odeh.

    She didn't commit the same fraud, but perhaps a later one with her marriage. And then perhaps a different type of fraud with her taxes.

    How can a Jew defend her and what she represents?

  2. Steve King showed his stuff and lost all his assignments in the House. Omar didn't even get her name in the meaningless resolution. Spare the lectures.