Thursday, August 27, 2020

CV-19 and the Riots: A Coincidence?

Michael Lumish 

Are the racist anti-racist and Black Lives Matter riots independent of the pandemic? This is the question of the morning. On the surface Covid-19 would seem to have little to do with alleged police brutality or "systemic racism," yet the fact of their overlapping concurrency is difficult not to notice.

While I am sure that many within the BLM community will find anti-black racism in the American response to CV-19, what I am less sure of is whether or not this urban guerilla warfare emerged independently and organically from angry young "proles" in all its unjust and vicious glory. Or is this more of a matter of the leadership, to the extent that there is leadership, not allowing a crisis to go to waste?

Is it mere coincidence that these horrendous twin phenomena developed roughly in concurrence or is it not a coincidence?

I honestly do not know the answer.

What say you?


  1. I think there was an opportunity that was able to harness the pent up energy result from lock downs. But I wouldn't read to much into it after that. BLM continues to be a hard left scam amping up hysteria to obscure sober fact finding. And now (as predicted) "I can't breathe" is turning into the latest iteration of "hands up, don't shoot" and all the other incidents in between and since. Just the idea that every single lethal incident involving a black man is one of blatant racism vs. complete innocence is ludicrous nonsense on its face.
    But apparently there has been far more brainwashing going on than I ever suspected.

    1. After listening to Bret Weinstein this morning I would like to modify my position. He suggested that BLM et al, piggybacked on the pandemic.

  2. Watching the athletes ruin sports with their displays. Living in a world where public virtue signaling is a norm is very sad.

  3. Vocational training for woke pro-Athletes. Learn to say," Do you want fries with that?"