Sunday, August 2, 2020

How Dare You!

Michael Lumish

The only way that we can save society and the planet is through additional hatred. Thankfully the progressive-left -- the movement that I came out of with 25 years as a Democrat -- is perfecting the art. I have never seen so much productive and delicious hated.

The only way that we can make the United States a more fair and less racist place is through increasing toxic malice, particularly toward "white" people and Jews and Trump. If you haven't expressed your recommended daily requirement of hatred then you are a slacker.

It is only through hatred that we can be redeemed. It is only through street violence and mobs and riots and smashing storefronts and driving businesses out of our communities and shooting cops and defacing synagogues and setting fire to Federal Courthouses and throwing incendiary devices at law enforcement can we ever hope to create a more peaceful and fair society.

It is important to remember that those with insufficient hatred are also insufficiently moral. Only those with true hatred have any claim to ethics or morality. Only those filled with self-righteous indignation, and who are ready to use violence against total strangers in service to that self-righteous indignation, who can call themselves decent human beings.

So, in the names of justice, human decency, and humanity, get out there and burn something down. Throw a bomb. Have some fun at your neighbors' expense. They're racist, anyway.


  1. There is some merit here. The hate brings into focus what is going on and allows people to visualize on a personal level what could be under a woke religion that will deny the right to expression, and more.

    That could explain some Menchivick-type rumblings of late by the likes of Maher and Stone. Back in the day, the so-called liberals distrusted entrenched power. Now they embrace it in the zeal to bring dystopia.

    Was that Obama at the Lewis pulpit, or was it Reverend Wright? Obama never heard the Reverend? Farrakhan? Who's that? The consummate player. Liberals got played. Blacks got played. Trump is the outsider. He's been there only 3 years. Not the 50 like Biden, or Pelosi, or Schumer. What did they accomplish? Or the Never Trumpers for that matter? They blame Trump for their corruption, but it was already rotten to the core.

    Maybe the entrenched, and actors in the halls of Congress and the streets, realize the full extent of their corruption is about to be exposed, that they may be finished. That could explain the drastic means, by any means necessary, the unprecedented attempt to overthrow a president. They are so dirty. Their enablers have had the reigns of culture, but that is ending, too. Corrupt politics and violence becomes the norm, while mainstream media and corporate powers pretend otherwise and divert. The fakery of the new Nike ad is a new example. There are so many.

    Anyway, it's sad so many suffer before a light shines through and reveals the emperor has no clothes. Covid, the 1619 violence, and the resistance against Trump and indifference to China, might cause a reality check in the voting booth.

    If progressives prevail in 2020, they should expect no less than activists on the right will emulate their tactics. It may be until 2024 for for the backlash against progressives to take hold. In the interim, however, real tyranny and movement toward fascism will commence in earnest, so that the outlandish ideas of the Declaration will be forever gone.

    1. I've tended to argue that this never-ending hatred toward Trump has immunized him from even fair criticism. It started from even before he was elected and has only gotten worse since then. Given the lemming-like nature of very many people, I wonder if a critical mass has not been reached that will undermine his prospects at reelection.

    2. "I wonder if a critical mass has not been reached that will undermine his prospects at reelection."
      That has been the drive behind it all. Achieving that critical mass.
      Can Democrats get away with it?
      Trump is far from perfect, but the Obamacrats are unacceptably 1984 scary.

      Have Lies Will Travel
      is the card of a man.
      A tan suit POTUS
      with a natural tan.

      I've really been getting into the poetry thing, you know? ROFL


  2. Hate is Love.
    Intolerance is tolerance.
    Bigotry is fairness.

  3. All You Need Is Hate (hate is all you need)

  4. How dare you?
    That reminds me of Greta girl, woman, young lady, or perhaps she self-identifies as carbon unit.