Sunday, August 9, 2020

NASA to remove offensive nicknames for planets, galaxies, and nebulae

Michael Lumish

There seems to be literally no limit to this ongoing self-righteous stupidity.

But is important to remember that all these social manifestations that have come to define recent years and that are concentrating in 2020 are not isolated events, but part of a broader cultural trend.

Whether it is rioting in the streets or toppling statuary or demanding that people use recently manufactured gendered terminology or the never-ending divisiveness of "intersectional theory" or Rutgers University Department of English deciding that standard English is no longer necessary in written assignments or the racism and violence of groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter or the failure of the Democratic Party to reign in its radicals or the desire for a borderless, and thus nation-free, world, it is all of a piece.

These are not isolated or unrelated trends, nor is it a conspiracy. It represents the culmination of societal tendencies that go back to the late 1960s but, really, all the way back to Marx. Whereas Engels and Marx divided the world merely into the proletariat and bourgeoisie duality of good guys versus bad guys, contemporary "Identity Socialism" pits everyone against everyone else within a competitive hierarchy of victimhood.

All NASA is doing, like many large institutions before them, is bowing to the child-like demands of the current "progressive" political atmosphere. If much of Congress is willing to take a knee in submission, why would we expect anything less from NASA?

Andrea Leinfelder of the Houston Chronicle tells us:

"The glowing remains of a star, blowing off its outer layers at the end of its life, is officially called planetary nebula NGC 2392. But as a nickname, it has been called the 'Eskimo Nebula.'"

Yes, I am sure that the Inuit are deeply offended.


  1. The three great great untruths, specified in "The Coddling of the American Mind," must be overcome to create new generations that know how to think and use common sense when coming to decisions.

    Then it will take years of hard work to change the paradigm. But who will be able to lead this movement back to freedom, equality and rights? Watching how millenials, in their first test as a majority group, embrace BLM and other hustles, and drifts toward actual authoritariansm, easily manipulated by tech and big money, it's not a pretty picture. It's ironic they chant that Trump as is supposed to be the danger to the nation, yet they can't see the path they are on, intolerant and indifferent to civil rights and liberal values.

    These instances of excess and dissonance, like dumping "Kindergarten Cop" or seeing the Governor of Oregon violating her mask ban, or arresting people that write on sidewalks with chalk, or renaming the galaxy, and unfortunately defacing statues and violence, are necessary to help change the dynamic.

    The power hungry almost always bite off more than they can chew. It seems inenvitable that will occur. They are already sniping one another. The question is, in this era where everything is accelerated, do we have the time it takes the normal brain to process what has occurred to bring us wokeism, and the wherewithal to stave off totalitarian utopia.

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  3. When you have lost even (literally) the rocket scientists, you have entered the world of the Marching Morons.



  5. To
    Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune,
    The future is looking bleak for you. Maybe change Mars to Marx and get a twofer.

  6. Forget planets for the moment. Greg Popovich is off the rails, spreading lies that Michael Brown was murdered, and it's real life dangerous. Glad Whitlock calls him and those like him out:

    Why are Popovich and other angry white liberals constantly pushing black people to hold onto the wrongs of the past? Is any other group repeatedly asked to do this by outside forces? Has Popovich ever climbed on his high horse and ranted about the crimes committed against Jewish people or Japanese people or Italians?

    The Popovichs are proving to be the true haters, and they foment their hate at almost every turn. They are worse than fundamentalists imposing their religion. They act with vengeance and spite, two apparent covenants of the woke religion. Ask yourself, who actually represents the threat to America?

    1. But America is full of ignorant people with big mouths. There's nothing new about this. What's new is the willingness of the gate keepers, those in positions of power and responsibility to go along with it, or worse, yet to take on the attributes of ignorance and stupidity themselves.
      Has Popovich been fired?

  7. I was just reading a story about the resignation of Rose Ritch from the student government at USC, and was struck once again by woke speech.
    Space. A safe space. A this space. A that space.
    Who doesn't recognize this college, and now real world, usage of the word "space" as a ruse by children (20 is the new 12) to get their way with adults who want to buy their love, a truly sick dynamic.
    Does anyone in their right mind believe that students at USC didn't feel "safe" with Ms. Ritch in student government because she is a Zionist?
    To quote Joe Biden (and Joe Namath), "come on, man!"
    My first question would be, "What do you mean, you would feel unsafe?" "Safe" doesn't mean safe, and "space" just means place, but you must say "space." It's a new rule. A rule constructed by those who are now in power. What power do they have? The power we allow them to have. Why do we allow them to have power at all. As an old delinquent pal of mine used to, "It beats me off." That's the $64,000 question. Why are we allowing this.
    It might sound foolish or pedantic on my part to get worked up over such things, but I don't think so, because there is a purpose to the jargon, and when you adopt the jargon, you eventually adopt the meaning and it's not long before you're saying stupid things like "Israel-Palestine" or "Occupied Palestinian Territories", or Zionist Occupation Force, or Occupied Palestine, or you watch a big dull teenage boy beating the crap out of a girl in a wresting match and call him "her" and give "her" a trophy for beating the shit out of a real girl like it's normal and just okay, because you wouldn't want the trouble associated with pointing out the truth.

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  9. "...Rutgers University Department of English deciding that standard English is no longer necessary in written assignments..."
    I'm just spit balling here, but I bet they probably noticed that "oral assignments" in standard English isn't do so well in the classroom, and that writing samples of many of Rutgers' students show a stunning lack of acumen in the written language of slave owners and patriarchs amongst tomorrow's leaders.
    Why have any standards at all? Let's all just listen to rap music, smoke some dope, and go to our respective and "woke" segregated graduation ceremonies. The very idea of studying is patriarchal and white supremacist anyway, no?

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