Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The Social and Economic Erosion of American Cities

Michael Lumish 

It looks to me like there is going to be a significant economic shift away from certain American cities into more rural areas or to cities without the kind of progressive-left violence that we see from Antifa and the raging hypocrites in Black Lives Matter.

As the wealthy and the white-collar middle class, along with the job providers, move out of various cities like New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland, those cities will continue to deteriorate. So long as local and state officials, usually of the Democratic persuasion, continue to ignore -- or even tacitly approve of -- ideological violence in the streets, then their tax base will wither, crime and homicide rates will rise as they defund the police and the cops quit their jobs, and regular hard-working families will remove their children from what are hostile environments.

The problem is not police brutality or "systemic" racism.

The problem is a wave of ideological poison, derived from progressive-left political theory and the rise of "intersectional" ideology, out of the universities, which is grounded in racial divisiveness, resentment, and a facile hierarchy of victimhood which insists upon placing all the woes in the US on workers of European descent (aka "white people") and upon Jewish people / Zionists.


  1. I had put this comment on the previous thread, but this is where it belongs:


    The American feminist movement has today achieved one of its most ambitious goals: A female president over a man's dead body. :0)
    That was a joke.

    On a more serious note, the future President has not just a vagina but brownish skin as an added qualification to high office. Otherwise you'd be able to offer up 2008 VP candidate Sarah Palin as a counter-example, and we wouldn't want that, would we?
    Then again, this is America, who even remembers Sarah Palin? And besides, she wasn't the right kind of woman. Under current left rules she might not even qualify as a woman at all. They'll be codifying a test soon. A preview of some questions:
    1. Are you for abortion up until the moment of delivery?
    2. When you are naked in the ladies room do other woman stare at your penis?
    3. Do you feel adequate to handle the raising your children without that no good for nothing son of the patriarchy bastard's help?
    4. Are willing to lie to derail any man's appointment to high office if we disapprove of his politics?

    This will surely come in handy in coming years.

    1. I like to think that I was one of those who, in my own small way, helped to encourage PC when I was an undergrad in the '80s. It seemed so mild at the time. We were just encouraging, or so we thought, respect for others.

      We had no idea, at the time, that it would eat its own and upend its own alleged values.

  2. "Jewish Democrats who imagine that Israel is the problem are about to learn they’re the problem."
    I am so embarrassed for Jews that spend so much time railing against Trump as an act of signaling their virtue. I keep questioning the virtue in it, and then I am treated to some incredible insults for merely raising the issue. There is also an eager willingness to believe fake news about Trump. I wonder whether any of these people have ever thought about the mechanisms and techniques that make antisemitism comfortable for people to engage in.

    Alan Dershowitz was right when he admonished fellow liberals to oppose Trump on policies they disagreed with and shuck the destructive criminalization of politics and politicians. It doesn't take a whole lot of reading of recent history to recognize that this was a main feature of the 20th (and now, 21st) century's most notorious totalitarian regimes. This is where we are headed.
    It also seems clear to me, that Daniel Greenfield is not spinning some wild conspiracy theory when he asserts that the Democrat Party has a 1 party state in its sights.

    Also, anyone think Nancy Pelosi would have endorsed Omar and Tlaib if they kept shitting on Catholicism?
    Remember, any criticism of them is a hate crime.

  3. Now just sit back and watch the media spin Trump's help in the peace deal as advising them to drink Clorox while praising neo-Nazis.

  4. I am among those few who are skeptical of this deal. So, in return for "suspending" the Jewish people's right to the heart of our traditional homeland, the UAE will make friendly noises?

    My suspicion is that this "suspension" of Jewish rights to Jewish land will not end... not anytime within the coming decades, probably.

    The Palestinian-Arabs will continue to incite against and endeavor to kill the Jewish people, as the EU, the UN, and the Democratic Party support that endeavor.

    These organizations will continue to hound Israel about two-states as the Palestinian-Authority rejects any and all offers. The world will blame Israel for Palestinian-Arab intransigence and then will lambaste Israel when it defends itself from Arab attacks.

    Let's hope that I am wrong, but if this breathes new life into the TSS it will mean an ongoing continuation of the status quo.

  5. It's pretty hysterical. The PA, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Codepink despise the Israel-UAE treaty, or whatever you want to call it, while Pelosi and the Democrats remain silent.

  6. We shall see. Israel will make a decision based on its perceived interests. I think it will keep negotiating in its interest.
    In the meantime there is work to be done to educate the world.