Friday, August 14, 2020

The Cultural Demise of the Left

Michael Lumish 

I come out of the Left.

I was even Green Party for a little while, back in the day. But now I am just disgusted at the dregs of the Movement. It used to be that the American Left stood for creativity, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of association, and anti-racism.

Not any more.

Today the American Left is culturally like nothing so much as the old Republican Party from the 1950s and the 1960s. That is, they are boring, stodgy, old schoolmarms who want nothing so much as to rap you on the knuckles with a 12-inch wooden ruler.

In the 1960s young college leftists despised "in loco parentis" wherein the universities took over the role of the parent thus enforcing curfews, particularly for female dorms and sororities. But students and the counter-culture wanted nothing so much as their freedom. 

They were, in fact, social libertarians.

Today, however, the universities -- with the eager enthusiasm of the student body -- has brought back "in loco parentis" with a vengeance. You can literally drag some 19-year-old kid before the University Board of Self-Righteous Indignation for blinking at a young woman the wrong way.

And this is why some, like Dave Rubin, call the "progressive-left" the "regressive-left." It is going backwards culturally. In the name of anti-fascism, it gives us fascism. In the name of anti-racism, it gives us racism.

Were Abbie Hoffman alive today he would never stop throwing up.


  1. I'm feeling a bit nauseous myself. :0(

    You pretty much nailed it. I would say the left is now like the 1980's religious right on steroids.
    They really don't get it. And the anti-Trump media saturation seems to have worked quite nicely. You can say pretty much whatever you want about him and people will greet it with great excitement.
    The anti-Trump forces on the left and right have people ready to vote for Joe Biden. Think about that. Joe Biden. And Kamela Harris. Oy vey.
    This is the selection by elites. Will they get away with it?

    I lost all hope for this country when the pandemic became a political football. There is nothing left that is not political, comrades.

  2. This is the type of thing that progressive should understand, but don't, or won't.

    Civil Rights Leader Lynda Lowery Reminds Us Why It’s Wrong To Erase History

    And it's interesting that BLM loves Marx, based on what Walter Williams says:

    It is fair to question their judgment because they are so shallow in their thinking. They have no clue about history to help inform the present. Nor reality. But they are not to be challenged. They are all about the science.

    Good luck to us all.

    1. Welcome to Israel Thrives, Ed. Do I know you from elsewhere?

  3. Looks like Ben Rhodes is against the Israel-UAE agreement to end the state of conflict. Remember well being told how Obama was Israel's BFF, and ridiculed for suggesting otherwise. How wrong they were. And how wrong they are now.

    1. Around 70 percent of Jews will still vote for the Democratic Party, perhaps, 65.

    2. What the hell is wrong with American Jews? About 70% of Britshh Jews once voted for the British Labour Party until something miraculous happened.

      They came to their senses.

      About 70% of Australian Jews voted for the Australian Labor Party until the same miracle happened.

  4. Privilege for me, but not for thee. The hypocrisy is accusing others of doing what you do. Obama is a pro. Nice digs in DC, Martha's Vineyard, and now Hawaii. Hope and change. What hogwash.