Friday, August 16, 2013

For Malcolm and Eleanor


Now safely back home in Israel after a flying visit.

And especially Eleanor who I helped set up a Google Account to make it easier for her to comment here. And in the grip of a brain snap conflated the Hebrew spelling of her name, elinor, with the English,  Eleanor, and managed to come up with Elanor as her display name.


Nevertheless a beautiful drive in my country.
Emailing some photos soon.  


  1. Geoff,

    I have no idea why you posted this, but this Sarah Silverman bit never fails to slay me.

    1. Me too Mike.

      A private joke that Malcolm and Eleanor will get.

    2. Oh alright, I'll come clean.

      I have two cars. One is a Subaru Outback. But my favourite for special occasions is an elderly BMW 735il which I've had for years and probably isn't worth much but is still a great car. Built like a tank of course as you would expect when you consider who were the engineers and what they were doing when not designing cars.If you fixed a gun to the roof you could invade Poland.

      One day we took a drive in this car from Coolangatta on the coast along the Tweed Valley following the river through little towns and villages to its headwaters in the mountains. Some great views and really a part of this country which should be seen if you come this far.

      A lot of fun.