Saturday, August 24, 2013

Has George Galloway gone completely off his rocker?

Mike L.

The snippet below was written and published by Jerusalem Post staff.
British MP and veteran anti-Israel activist George Galloway on Wednesday responded to the latest alleged chemical weapons attack in Syria, stating that if there has been any use of sarin gas, it was radical Islamist group al-Qaida, using gas supplied by Israel.

The Respect Party MP for Bradford West, who is a longstanding supporter of Hezbollah and Hamas, stated: "If there has been use of chemical weapons, it was al-Qaida," asking, "Who gave al-Qaida chemical weapons?"

Staring determined into the camera, Galloway stated: "Here's my theory. Israel gave them the chemical weapons."
So, without the slightest bit of evidence, British MP George Galloway is accusing Israel of providing chemical weaponry to al-Qaeda for use on innocent Syrian civilians?

Why is that when Muslims kill Muslims, Jews get the blame?

This is just perverse and blatant anti-Jewish racism and yet the man holds a seat as a British parliamentarian.  It is, in fact, nothing less than an incitement to violence against the Jewish people.

It is the blood libel.


  1. Little do Galloway's fans realize, he's actually one of our most effective agents. ;)

    I read the other day that he's thinking about running for mayor of London. I don't know much about their politics, but considering he 'represents' a city (okay, Galloway really only represents himself, but still) over 200 miles away, that would strike me as the equivalent of an Oklahoma congressman announcing his candidacy for mayor of Philadelphia in 2015.

    I would hope people will soon see him for what he is, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

  2. "Staring determined into the camera, Galloway stated: "Here's my theory. Israel gave them the chemical weapons.""

    I picture him looking like this as he says it...

  3. Love the title Michael
    "Has George Galloway gone completely off his rocker? "

    My question to you is " when wasn't he? "

    Galloway is running nowhere but 'away'. He got himself elected in Bradford, Leeds by the Pakistanis there. No one else will have a bar of him

  4. Some background on the politics.

    Galloway represents a district in Bradfield which adjoins Leeds in the north of England and has perhaps the highest Muslim population in the UK. It is pretty much a Muslim city of young mainly English born Muslims many of whom are radicalised.

    Bradfield is where the London Underground bombers came from.

    Formerly he represented Bethnal Green a district in East London that in the nineteenth early 20th century was the centre of working class English Jewry but has for decades a mainly Muslim population as has much of East London. Eventually he was tossed out of the Labour Party for being an antisemite and all round grub and so he and his new label moved north.

    Israel bashing plays well in London these days. The last Labour candidate for mayor was a notorious Israel basher. Perhaps not quite as carpet biting antisemitic barking mad as Galloway but a real asshole nevertheless. Melanie Phillips calls the city Londonistan.

    Unfortunately I don't think Galloway is off his rocker in the same sense Hitler and Stalin were not off their rockers. He says this because he probably believes it and he knows it resonates with his constituency. That makes it far worse and more dangerous than if he was just some street crazy who has lost his way and wandered into the Westminster parliament.

    Galloway is at the very fulcrum of the Leftist/Islamist alliance. He lives and breathes it. A fire spitting radical socialist who has converted to Islam and has a Muslim wife and has strong and passionate ties to Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran. Go figure.

    Interesting he is locked into supporting the regime in Syria and therefore so is the rest of his brand of the radical left. They are beholden to Tehran as much as they used to be to Moscow.

    An interesting thing about English law that Americans sometimes find not easy to understand. It is very difficult to criticise people like Galloway and describe them in public as exactly what they are --- dangerous bigots and extremists antisemites. This is because of English defamation laws which Galloway regularly threatens to use against anyone who calls him an antisemite. You risk a court case and he has plenty of backers and who knows what an English court is capable of deciding these days.

    On the other hand he is free to spew his hate talk as much as he likes including this defamation and incitement to violence against innocent people. Any restriction would be an affront to British freedom of expression.

    1. Assad, Saddam... pretty soon Galloway's gonna back more butchers than UFCW.

    2. I had to Google UFCW Jay but quite so.

  5. It goes without saying he has plenty of antisemitic Jews among his left wing backers who enable and legitimise his antisemitism. Never any shortage of them especially when it requires no courage at all and you are certain of a paid gig. Now more than ever.

  6. Idiot Galloway isn't the only one. "Col. Lawrence Wilkerson – the former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell under President George W. Bush – said yesterday that the Syrian chemical weapons could be a “Israeli false flag operation”."

    Of all freaking people!!!!

    And among the conspiracy theory left, Israel is being blamed all the time for anything that happens in the mid-East. Course they ARE nuts, so.....

    1. There's that feeling of nausea coming back again!

    2. Someone outta invent a Gravol for anti-semitism. They'd make a fortune.......a fortune I tell ya!!!!

  7. some things George has said/done:

    Called Saddam Hussein the savior of the Arab world
    Photographed on his knees before Saddam Hussein and Chemical Ali
    Called Saddam's chemical attacks on his own people 'necessary in these chaotic times'
    Called Assad a man of peace and progress (last year)
    Openly called for the ethnic cleansing of all Jews from Israel
    Called for Sharia in England

  8. Back in the old days, when I still viewed the political world primarily through a progressive lens, I very much recall Galloway confronting Senator Norm Coleman in Congressional hearings around the Oil For Food program.

    At the time, I thought that Galloway made Coleman look like a fool.

    It might be interesting to go back and look again.