Friday, August 30, 2013

If George Galloway had any credibility, he hasn't any longer

Mike L.

Written and published by Algemeiner.
During a debate on whether to take action in Syria Thursday, in the UK’s House of Commons, MP George Galloway denied that he said Israel supplied al-Qaeda with chemical weapons used to kill scores of Syrian civilians in an attack near Damascus last week. 
When challenged on the matter by Conservative MP Matthew Offord, Galloway replied, “I said no such thing. 
Unfortunately for Galloway, a well circulated video of his comments about Israel show his claim in parliament to be false.”

A Big Tip 'O the Kippa to Shirlee from News and Views from Jews Down Under.


  1. Galloway routinely lies about what he has said. This is easy for him. He is a radical leftist Islamist militant and therefore facts, history and truth are always provisional and are there to be moulded by the delusions of the extremist religious mind. For them there is a higher truth and only they can know it.

    Speaking of antisemitic nut case religious bigots, Daphne Anson has posted on what notorious clerical antizionist Stephen Sizer had to say about Galloway's latest blood libel

    here it is

    Good one Sizer.

    Now there's a man with no credibility at all and is attacking what remains of the credibility of the Church of England.

    What a first class prick of a man.

  2. If you think for a second that Sizer is an aberration within the Church of England check out this.

    Filthy Father Dave himself