Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Obama's Middle East


Israel Matzov had this lil gem. Love it!


  1. I urge all the looney tunes who think Israel is the cause of all Middle East conflict to consider this a freaking reality check.

    1. The Middle East is in flames, Doodad.

      And in the midst of it is Fortress Israel.

    2. Israel will be fine I think. All the neighbors are way too busy killing each other.

    3. Syria is in flames.

      Egypt is in flames.

      And, meanwhile, over in Iran, the centrifuges continue to spin.

  2. A good friend of mine, who Mike and Geoff know from my Blog had a letter published in The Australian Financial Review

    "What is happening in Syria is tragic. However, I cannot fathom why America would consider taking on the Syrians when the biggest gripe by Muslims around the globe and one of the main reasons for Islamic terrorism is America’s involvement in Arab/Muslim countries in the Middle East. (World Braces for Syria strikes AFR, August 26.)
    It’s time to let the Arabs sort out their own problems."

    Followed up on radio with an interview with Daniel Pipes. He was 'down under' recently

    Alan Jones 2GB radio program Thursday 29 th August.

    1. I couldn't agree more, Shirlee.

      The Arabs are going to have to clean up their own dishes, so to speak. The more the west gets directly involved the more we tend to muck things up.

      Here I am, yet again, opposing war. Except this time people tell me that I'm right-winger!

      They sure didn't say that when I was marching against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Oh, no. Then I was a hard-left ideologue from the "blame America first" camp.

      Now, since I have come out against the rise of political Islam, which is a fascistic movement, I am suddenly to understand that I am no longer a hard-left ideologue from the "blame America first" camp, but rather a hard-right ideological war-monger... who just constantly finds himself opposing war.

      Funny how these things work.


      Here's a funny little post that broaches the subject a bit. Sarcastic but funny FYI. You know me, I like to stir the pot a bit sometimes.

  3. The UK just voted against helping the US attack Syria. In other news, the UK is considering changing its name to France.

    {sorry, the Devil made me say it ;)}

    1. You beat me to it.!! Bummer !!

      I saw to the USA butt out!! Let them get on with it.

      Both sides are as bad as each other, unfortunately innocents get caught in the crossfire.

      They recently destroyed a magnificent ancient 2000 year synagogue in Jobar.