Friday, August 2, 2013


  1. Fun fact. If we continue our 1-11 pace over the past twelve games throughout the rest of the season (I see nothing to indicate we won't - and so fuggit, let's tank for a higher draft pick!), the Phillies will be even worse than the 98-game losers I predicted to begin the season.

    55-107, or so.

    And to think, they had me fooled for a while that they were possibly a .500 team!

    If we can leave the hotel a bit early and 'forget' Papelbon somewhere along the next road trip, that would at least be of some help... ;)

  2. Sabra is running commercials during Phillies games. Just saw one for the first time a few seconds ago, watching the game here at Byrne's in Port Richmond.

    Good for them. Middle finger you, BDS.

  3. Chase Utley stays with us. Because he knows that next year is gonna be rough, but we're gonna win it all in '15!

    Doc and Cliff are gonna stick around for that ring, too, and it's gonna be a glorious year. Yes it is!

    It all leads up to 2015, yo. And then after that one, we're gonna actually be young and talented rather than old and tired, too... ;)