Friday, August 23, 2013

Obama is not very popular on Y-Net

Mike L.

Shocking, I know, but the commenters there are not very happy with the president of the United States.  Reuters staff wrote a very brief and very straight-forward article, published at Y-Net, entitled Obama says concerned about Syria, but cautious about costs.
President Barack Obama said in an interview aired on Friday that the international community needs to find out more about whether chemical weapons have been used in Syria, and called on the Assad government to allow a full investigation.

"What we've seen indicates that this is clearly a big event, of grave concern," Obama said in an interview with CNN.
Upon initially reading this piece I simply shrugged my shoulders.  Although it may seem to you that Obama can do nothing right in my eyes, this is not actually the case.  I have been advising caution viz-a-viz Syria from the beginning because there are no good options there.  The US cannot support Assad because Assad is a brutal dictator, yet the US cannot support the opposition because the opposition is largely Islamist.  Thus, I also favor a cautious approach.  However, if you go into the comments you will see that not everyone is as friendly as I am to Barack Obama.
1. While not brilliant, Bush was a straight man.  
 Now, you got the snake pretending to be a moron. Enjoy.  
 2Mad, גולה בצרפת08.23.13)
Bush was actually smarter than we gave him credit for and considerably less "straight" than 2Mad thinks.  George W. Bush and his administration used the "War on Terror" as a way to move finances in various directions, including Cheney's Halliburton, and to shore up political support.  The man was neither dumb, nor entirely honest.
This waste of space talks more bla bla.  
Tel Em Straight seems to agree with me that Barack Obama is not nearly as intelligent as they kept insisting that he is.  I don't think that Obama is stupid.  One cannot advance to where he is while being stupid.  Nonetheless, his thinking on foreign policy, particularly in regards the Arab-Israel conflict, is both unoriginal and entirely counterproductive and is, essentially, a product of better minds that were at least as wrong as he is.
Obama go there and judge for yourself  
Sick and tired of hearing words of 'Grave Concern' and 'More Information Needed' ...This is how America prevaricates with 'Pass the buck diplomacy' This is spineless as people on a day to day basis seek international help as they go through Assad's killing machine. The "Marines " ? What are they for ?They are fearless warriors,and are all but ready at all times to go in as soon as the President fires his starting pistol. But can he find it?  
Roland Seener , London England (08.23.13)
Roland and I disagree about Syria.  Roland wants Obama to fire his starting pistol and go charging in.  If Assad continues killing his own people, he may very well be correct, but I sincerely believe that Obama is rightly erring on the side of caution.  Nonetheless, Roland has considerable contempt for the American president who he seems to suggest is "spineless."
7. Here's the real story.  
Mr. Obama has great sympathies for the Islamic world and the Arabs. He has done what he thinks he should do to "convince" the Moslems and the Arabs that America is not "pro-Israel" and anti-Moslem/Arab in the mistaken belief that this is America's best interests. He has tried to cultivate an image of America being the Moslem/Arab world's friend. He has done what he can to appease them and not antagonize them. Unfortunately, he has closed his eyes to the reality of the Moslem/Arab world's true nature and their total inability to ever achieve democracy, civility, and ethical government. It is not in their blood. The Arab spring has gone totally wacko and Mr. Obama has no idea what to do. One thing he must do, is give back that phony Peace Prize he received. There is no reason he should have received it, and there is no reason he should keep it.  
Reuven Brauner , Raanana, Israel (08.23.13)
Reuven and I agree that the Nobel committee made a tremendous error in giving Obama the Peace Prize.  He didn't earn it and he doesn't deserve it.  I also agree with Reuven that the Obama administration has no clue what to do about the so-called "Arab Spring," which was the rise of political Islam, a movement that Obama supported.

It still remains one of the central questions as to just why this administration would support the rise of a political movement throughout the Middle East that oppresses women, hangs Gay people from cranes, and seeks the genocide of the Jews.

But what's even more of a mystery is just why it is that so many American Jews would support a candidate that gives political Islam the support that he has.

Baffling, really.
8. Oblabla needs more information?  
I'll gladly send him the front page from yesterdays newspaper, showing the faces of Syrian children who, although appearing to be peacefully sleeping, were killed in the gas attack. That was more than enough information to try to absorb, but I'm sure Oblabla will remain "concerned, but cautious", or, as usual, do nothing.  
A , Belgium (08.23.13)

I have to say, that did crack me up!

I sometimes have the sense of humor of a twelve year old boy and "Oblabla" was enough to put the smile on my face.

In any case, Barack Obama has earned the contempt of people from all around the world.  They hate him in Egypt, that much is certain. The Israelis generally do not like him and I feel reasonably certain that neither do the Syrians or the Lebanese.

The reason that I do not like the guy is because his foreign policy toward the Jewish state of Israel has been entirely arrogant and entirely counterproductive.

Arrogance combined with epic failure does not make for likability.

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