Saturday, September 21, 2013

Biden Goes to J Street

Mike L.

The snippet below was written by Rebecca Shimoni Stoil and published at the Times of Israel.
WASHINGTON — US Vice President Joe Biden will address the upcoming J Street annual conference, the organization revealed Tuesday. Biden will deliver his speech on the third day of the four-day meet.

“Secretary of State John Kerry has called on the American Jewish community to rally ‘a great constituency for peace,’” said J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami. “The Obama Administration has made the resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a top foreign policy priority. In convening this conference, we have a real opportunity and, in fact, an obligation to demonstrate the tremendous support that exists behind those efforts.”

Biden is not the only representative of the administration to come to talk up the current peace talks in front of what is considered to be a receptive audience. Martin Indyk, the US special envoy for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, will also address the conference, serving as the keynote speaker for the gala dinner to be held on the same day as Biden’s address.

J Street has repeatedly emphasized that it views this year’s conference as unprecedented in the number and diversity of its participants, among whom are a number of members of Congress as well as representatives of six Knesset parties.
Well, if J Street's 2011 conference is any indication of what we can expect this year then Joe Biden will be in good company.

That year Rebecca Vilkomerson, executive director of Jewish Voice for Peace and outspoken proponent of BDS, spoke at the J Street conference as did Mustafa Barghouti, leader of the Palestinian National Initiative and BDS advocate who took part in the Free Gaza Flotilla. Attorney Michael Sfard, an advocate for lawfare against Israel, also spoke at that conference.

For those of you who may be under the delusion that J Street is a pro-Israel organization, it isn't.

Pro-Israel organizations are not friendly with people who advocate for the boycott of, divestment from, and sanction of the Jewish state of Israel.  Nor do pro-Israel organizations provide platforms for anti-Israel lawyers to advocate lawfare against Israel.

Thus Joe Biden, along with Martin Indyk, will be speaking at a meeting of anti-Israel activists and the sad thing is they probably don't even realize it.

Is anyone the least bit surprised?


  1. Too bad not one of them will say anything about murderous Palestinian terrorists:

    "Palestinian murders IDF soldier in West Bank

    Nidal Amer, 42, convinces Sgt. Tomer Hazan - his co-worker at Bat Yam restaurant - to travel with him to his home; murders him, dump his body in well with aim of using body in negotiations to release his terrorist brother from Israeli jail....",7340,L-4431801,00.html

  2. Naturally, the hate Israel crowd at dKos are back at it with several hateful diaries but none directed at Jew killing Palestinians. Same old same old.

  3. These deluded fools think that if only they pressure Israel hard enough... there will be peace. Palestinians? What do THEY matter?!

    1. That's not their objective. At their core they are Jew haters and their objective to vent Jew hate. It doesn't matter to them whether it leads anywhere though they'd be happy if it lead to dead Jews. But that's of secondary importance.

    2. There's enough Jew haters out there without including every supporter of Palestinian self-determination, the orientation of many. They are played so easily as dupes, as they lecture others, pretending to know, while actually ignorant. But they are not generally haters of Jews for being Jews, like genuine haters.

      Then again, many of these types must be seen by their behavior, not just concerning Jews, but against Western values, which for many is the great satan that justifies them to violate the precepts they insist must apply to others.

    3. My tendency is to agree with school on this one.

      Most of those people honestly believe that by siding with the Palestinian-Arab anti-Jewish anti-Zionist struggle that they are fighting the good fight on the side of social justice and universal human rights.

      The problem is that they aren't.

  4. In the mean time Great Helmsman's Supreme Victory in Syria hits its first or second glitch. Assad now claims it will take a year to comply and he's asking for a $1 billion dollar bribe to do it.

    I wonder if there will be any comment about how all of Israel's borders are now with unstable states at war or something quite like war. And that chemical weapons are all over the place.


  5. Martin Indyk of the New Israel Fund, should fit in very nicely with J Street. 'Birds of a Feather' and all that

  6. You may have heard of the French EU Diplomat kerfluffle; TRoubadour has a dKos diary up reviling Israel about it of course. But have look at Elder of Ziyon's expose of said crap.

    1. Looks like possibly my next piece.

      David Harris-Gershon needs to be exposed for what he really is, an anti-Israel propagandist trying to profit through spreading hatred toward the Jewish people.

    2. Look at Legal Insurrection also:

      This is what gets me about the progressives, the ones who only read politically correct sources. Would they ever learn about this info, or remain, as some of us say, ignorant because ideology is what matters even more than facts.

  7. Look at this POS comment from a usual suspect after the Pallywood crap got exposed:

    "I'm just THIS FAR from HR-ing these LIES. (0+ / 0-)

    And they're BLATANT lies. The two photos aren't even taken from the same angle or at the same time. This woman and the soldiers have moved from one pic to the next.

    I'm taking it to moderation, certainly. Care to join me? I'm inviting corvo (and perhaps the diarist and others) to come along with us.

    C M

    Struggle with dignity against injustice. IS there anything more honorable that a person can do?

    by Celtic Merlin on Sat Sep 21, 2013 at 07:24:02 PM PDT

    [ Parent ]"

    Idiots supporting David Harris-Gershon's freaking lies because they can't stand having their and his hatred shown for the crap it is.

    Gershon is fanning those flames regularly at the swamp now and the haters LOVE IT!!!!

    If this were world war two he'd be stoking the fucking ovens.

    1. Doodad, if this were WWII he'd be working for the NYT obscuring the Holocaust.

    2. And buying presents for the guys who killed his relatives.

    3. And then writing a book about it, of course...

    4. (and about how much the physical suffering of others is all about him, him, him, the self-centered whiny little prick...)

  8. And for very good reason, you can be sure.

  9. Since J-street is a front for Iranian lobbies perhaps Joe is thinking he can speak to Iran indirectly through them. That we have our own useful idiots running the organization for them is nothing new.

    1. Trudy, is this claim verified?

      Perhaps I just missed this one, but if it can be verified that J Street is a front for Iranian lobbies it would make for a good article and, if true, it's important for people to know.

    2. Mike, Rubin wrote some about it

      “Why should a National Iranian American Council board member give at least $10,000 to J Street PAC? Perhaps it is because of the very close relationship between the two organizations. In June the directors of both organizations coauthored an article in the Huffington Post, `How diplomacy with Iran can Work,' arguing against imposing new tough sanctions on Iran.

      “The two organizations have worked in lockstep over the last year to torpedo congressional action against Iran. Why would a supposedly pro-Israel, pro-peace organization work so hard to block legislation that would undermine the Iranian ayatollah regime? Ostensibly, any step to hinder Iran's nuclear development and aid to Hamas and Hizballah would be a step toward regional peace. Deterring Iran through sanctions would lessen the need for military action against Iran. This, as well as championing Hamas's cause, just doesn't make sense.”

      But the situation is even worse than Lenny points out. The National Iranian American Council is widely viewed—and some researchers have presented evidence—as the unofficial lobby in America for the Iranian regime.

      In other words, J Street is getting money and working with the group which supports President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the world's most powerful antisemite who seeks to wipe Israel off the map.

      Does that suggest something rather phony about its aims and claims? Is this really a group that the Obama administration wants to be promoting, because to do so sends a very negative signal both to Israel and to American Jews....."

  10. The left is soooooooooooo pleased with the idea that Obama might shake hands with the Iranian prez at the UN soon Trudy. Ain't life grand?

  11. Classic Rubin

    "so Iran no longer regards America as the Great Satan but as the Great Sucker."