Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Comment of the Whenever

Mike L.

I found this under a Y-Net article about how boycotting certain Jews is a good idea, by Ziv Lenchner entitled, The show must not go on.
35. The green line has no legal basis in international law  
The Jordanian-Israeli Armistice agreement is very clear that the Green line will not change any legality of the land. Read the document. The fact is that whether fair or not there is no document in international law which gives the Palestinians as a nation the rights to the land. More than that According to the Geneva Convention land can only be occupied territory if it was taken from one higher-contracting party with a legal claim to it by another higher-contracting party. Since it was taken from Jordan who had no legal claim and the Palestinians are not a higher-contracting party, the land is disputed. The Mandate for Palestine gave Jews the right to live anywhere in W.Palestine. Lastly the Palestinians had most Autonomy of their cities and towns in 2000. Arafat refused to negotiate and decided to go on a suicide bombing campaign instead. Is there any other country in the world which would be willing to give up part of its country to a group whose sole reason for existence as a nation according to the PLO Charter 1964 was to destroy Israel and specifically NOT TO CREATE A STATE. If anyone can find a peaceful part of Palestinians society go ahead. Otherwise don't blame Israel or ask of it something you wouldn't do yourself.  
Jerusalemite (09.22.13)
There are two further things that need to be emphasized.

The first is that demanding that Jews either move out of Judea and Samaria or stop building housing for themselves there is racist.  It is racist on its face and we need stop justifying anti-Jewish Arab racism by agreeing with them that any future State of Palestine must be Judenrein, because when we oppose and demonize the "settlers" that is precisely what we are doing.  We are sanctifying racism toward, and the ethnic cleansing of, our brothers and sisters in that part of the world.

The second thing that needs to be emphasized is that the demand to end settlement activity is what Abbas uses as an excuse not to negotiate a real peace and thus bolstering that demand hobbles any possibilities in a negotiated conclusion of hostilities.  Well-meaning diaspora Jews who oppose the settlers and the settlements believe that they are an obstacle to a two-state solution, but that is only true if one agrees that Arab racism against Jews is justified.

It isn't.


  1. A Palestinian Arab state would be Judenrein because any Jews living there wouldn't be for long in this world.

    A people that murders Jews in broad daylight - as we have seen over the weekend - is a not a people that is going to live in peace with the Jews! No matter how many condemnations in English of those murders Abu Bluff puts out to divert people's attention from that brutal reality of life in the Middle East.

  2. I want to hear and see all the pro-Arab types stand up, raise their hand and swear allegiance to what they themselves propose is the ethnic cleansing of fully one third of the population of their so called 'palestine'. I want to them stand up with the courage of their convictions and not only admit but champion it. In those terms. Just so we can be clear. We can compare it to the forced deportation of 900,000 Jews in Mahgreb, of hundreds of thousands of Berbers in Morocco, of the ethnic cleansin of Bosnians and Kosovars, of the ethnic cleansing of the Karen people of Burma and the Ibo of Nigeria and the people of Darfur. As long as they stand up and admit that and cheer it on in this and in all those other cases, as long as they consistent and they advocate what's good one is good for all according to their principles as long as they represent ethnic cleansing because it is ethnic cleansing, then I can work with them, in a manner. I can accept what they believe - not because I agree with it but because I can deal with them honestly. Because that is what they demand of the Jews in Yesha. Nothing short of it.

    1. I want more of your material on the front page, Trudy.

      Very much so.

      The loss of ZionTruth was a blow to IT even though I disagreed with him on certain fundamental issues.

      If I agree with you or disagree with you, I want you to understand that the front page is yours.

      {Unless, of course, you go entirely off-the-rails and start demanding the deportation of puppies and little hamster children.}


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    1. You used to go to see this webpage every day?

      Ohhh, so you're the one!