Thursday, September 5, 2013

Daily Kos Identity Theft

Mike L.

One of the themes of Israel Thrives, that virtually no one else writes about, is the Arab appropriation of Jewish identity and history.  They claim that Abraham was a Muslim, that Moses was a Muslim, and that Jesus was a Muslim.  They claim that the Temple of David never existed in the City of David and they claim that the Tomb of the Patriarchs is a mosque.

Because I have sometimes focused on this question of Palestinian-Arab theft of Jewish identity and history and heritage, I find it slightly amusing that someone has taken my name to write some gibberish on Daily Kos.
User JesseCW is the dumbest dumbfuck in Dumbfuckistan.

This kind of stupidity, when tolerated, rots a site from within and corrodes its reputation without.

Egged on by evil clowns like DeadHead and TheMomCat, it makes the site a laughingstock of the internet.

Help stamp out malicious stupidity: don't read JesseCW
I did not write that and I know little or nothing about JesseCW.  The name looks vaguely familiar, but beyond that I have no idea about this individual.  To the extent that I even recognize the name, my suspicion is that he is a Daily Kos anti-Zionist, but I do not know and I do not really care.

I just find it rather hysterical that someone would appropriate my name to write on Daily Kos.  To his credit, I have to say, whoever wrote the above kept it brief and managed to elicit over 200 comments.

I often find that when I write something quick and brief that it receives more participation than when I write something longer and more thoughtful.  Whoever wrote the above must find it rather gratifying that he received the response that he did.

In any case, while I am flattered that this individual chose my name to place above this masterpiece, it was, in fact, not written by me.

{A big Tip 'O the Kippa to Stuart.}
Oh, and by the way, we just got back from the Mount Shasta region of northern California and, I have to say, I just love that area.  It's beautiful.  It's big mountains and lots of pine trees and deep gorges and canyons with rivers and streams and lakes chock full of rainbow trout.

The towns are Dunsmuir and McCloud and Shasta City.

If there are any such places as "God's Country," this is surely among them.

Caught a few nice ones, too.

And, you should know, if ever you find yourself in that neck of the woods, drop by Cafe Maddelena in Dunsmuir.  Absolutely delicious and their focaccia is to die for.  It may very well be the best restaurant in California north of Sacramento and, yet, it's in the middle of nowhere.


  1. Let's see. Someone who hates dKos and wants to get you in trouble. A fairly exclusive list, I'd say.

    Of course it could be the ever famous progressive/liberal creature....the FALSE FLAG!!!!! Duh duh duh. I'm blaming Al-Queda rebels who hoped to get dKos to bomb you.


    1. At first I was pissed-off, but now I am just amused.

    2. Natural responses. I feel the same except for the fact that I have been ignoring the anti-semitic dKos swamp for some time since things had cooled down quite a bit there. This made me look and when I did, I saw that they are still mostly a bunch of Jew hating racists. I won't post the particular comments except to say that naturally, they were in a diary by Mr. "The Palestinians nearly killed my wife, did kill several others and all I care about is the poor terrorists' pain," Troubadour.

    3. Yeah, Doodad, my reaction to a good number of comments in his diary, and of course his complete non-reaction to same, was "Enabler of antisemitism enables antisemitism! Details coming up at 5..."

      So predictable, wasn't it?

      Mike - I'll have to check that out when I get home tomorrow evening, but umm yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and say that anyone with two brain cells to rub together, and a second to use them, would realize there is no way you would have gone back there to post such a thing, under your real name no less. Should be fun to see who fell for such a thing, perhaps...

    4. I haven't read the comments, but if you guys would post a few choice ones here that would be fine.

      I can't really bring myself to wade through the comments in the dkos "diary" above because, in truth, I just find it painful.

      When it comes to Israel, "progressives" tend to be exceedingly ignorant and more than a little nasty.

      They are not our friends.

    5. Just skimmed through. Not much to it.

      Most of the comments there consisted of a bunch of folks who apparently dislike each other, chasing their tails and flinging insults around multiple threads. Kind of amusing (at least maybe for a few seconds) in a way, but I'll save them some time and offer up a bit advice - you're all idiots. Now shut up.

      My favorite comment was this comic gem, though, where a regular Inspector Clouseau brilliantly... 'outs you' as Karmafish! No clue how he figured that one out, but why on earth is the NSA not recruiting brilliant minds like that to work for us?!