Friday, September 20, 2013


  1. Why do I always keep falling for the pumpkin beer thing? I know I don't like them, but every time I see one on tap I say "oh okay, let me try this one..."

    I need to stop that, and just accept that pumpkin is the beer equivalent of parsnips (the one vegetable I can not stand in any way, shape or form) for me.

    Pumpkin ales aren't bad or anything, they're just... weird. When even Dogfish Head (the first craft brewery I really got into, and still one of my favorite brewers) can't make one I like, I think it's time to just cut my losses!

  2. Another funny Putin/Obama pic. WHY can't I get enough of these?

  3. Only one day at home this weekend. Bah! Heading back up to NJ for my daughter's 16th birthday party in a few. Meeting a friend in NYC tomorrow, for falafel at Taim and drinks after.

    Looking forward to next weekend! Three days at home, plus a first-time visit to Philadelphia's National Museum of American Jewish History on Sunday, and the newly-reopened Ben Franklin Museum on Saturday. A possible trip with a friend up to New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ may be happening Saturday night, too. Also, we're finally in the only six weeks or so of decent weather the northeastern US gets in any given year.

    Good times all around!