Monday, September 30, 2013

One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State

Mike L.

{Cross-posted at the Times of Israel.}

Over at Israpundit, Ted Belman has published a notification for something called the Land of Israel Caucus in Jerusalem.
Wednesday, October 2nd (28 Tishrei) at 7PM in Binyanei Ha’uma, Jerusalem. 
Join the thousands of other Land-of-Israel supporters from across the country in a call to the Israeli Government to ignore international pressure and stop the Two-State-Solution madness now. Rather, embrace authentic Zionism and begin building new settlements throughout Judea and Samaria and keep Jerusalem united.   
Many leading rabbis, MK’s and VIP’s will be in attendance. . Subsidised round trip bus transportation available from your community. To reserve a seat, please call 052-262-2116 or 052-202-6604. 
This conference must be well-attended; your presence will make a difference! Please book your seat today.
If you are actually interested in attending you can download additional information at Israpundit by following the link above.

Speaking strictly for myself, I have always favored the two-state solution.  Until fairly recently, when it became very clear to me that the local Arabs have no intention whatsoever of allowing the Jewish minority to live in peace, I considered a negotiated conclusion of hostilities to be a reasonable possibility under the Oslo process.

I no longer consider that to be even a remote possibility and thus see US pressure on Israel under the Obama administration to be essentially malicious.  The problem is that the Obama administration, along with organizations like J Street, are pressuring the wrong people.  It is not the Israelis who have refused yet another corrupt anti-Semitic Arab dictatorship in the area, but the Arabs themselves.  From 1937 to the present the local Arabs have never accepted a state for themselves in peace next to Israel.

So, where does that leave us?

If the single-state solution is unacceptable because it will either erode Israel as a democratic country or undermine it as the national homeland of the Jewish people, and if the local Arabs will not agree to a true negotiated conclusion of hostilities under a two-state solution, then what is the answer?

I continue to believe that we can have a two-state solution, but it will need to be done unilaterally.  I understand, of course, that the example of Gaza does not speak well to unilateral action, but what is the alternative?  What Israel needs to do is declare its final borders and remove the IDF to behind those borders and then wash their hands, as much as possible, of the entire situation.

Israel should not annex the entirety of Judea and Samaria because it will then be forced to take responsibility, and give political rights, to an exceedingly hostile population that - until very recently from an historical perspective - held the Jewish people to persecution within the Sharia-based system of dhimmitude.

Thus I recommend that Israel annex some modified version of Area C and call it a day.

They won't do that, of course.  One reason is because the United States, particularly under this administration, as well as the EU and the UN, would strenuously object.  Another reason is because the political right-wing in Israel wants to see the annexation of all of Judea and Samaria, which they tend to think of as a Jewish birthright.  Still another reason is because so much of diaspora Jewry, along with left-wing Israelis such as Tzipi Livni, are holding out hope (against all reason) for an actual negotiated conclusion of the long Arab war against the Jews in the Middle East.

And this means we're trapped.

The only way out is for Israel to take matters into its own hands, but I do not see it happening.


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