Friday, September 27, 2013


  1. Troegs (Hershey, PA) Dead Reckoning Porter is a good one. Haven't had a porter in a while. Yards (Philly!) George Washington Porter is another good local. Not too many around here though, at least compared to Oregon, where most brewers seemed to have at least one porter on year-round.

    I wish one of our local brewers would put out a great year-round sour (something along the lines of a Petrus Aged Pale), as well as a Rye IPA. He'brew's Lenny is a great example of the latter!

    Speaking of He'brew, their pomegranate ale is one I still have to try. Saw it in a 22 at a liquor store in North Jersey a few weeks ago, didn't get it. Haven't seen it since. Oh well, maybe next year!

    1. Pomegranate flavored beer?!

      Boy, you truly are a heretic, aren't you?

      I do like porter, tho. But, what can one say? My beer drinking days are basically behind me.

      It's a very, very sad thing, really.

      Hmmm... maybe I'll have a glass of beer with dinner tonight!

      You have inspired me, Jay.

    2. Good to hear!

      Now that I finally have a few bucks again, the obscure $8 bottles of Flemish reds or lambics on the back side of beer menus at my favorite Philly craft beer bars are no longer off-limits. These days, I favor sours, and I'm enjoying many local fruit beers as well. Remember, it's like 400 degrees in Philadelphia for half the year! Heh.

      I drink 'em all these days (beer is the only thing I can really drink, I have a bad history with other stuff), but my usual beers are generally Kenzinger, Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, Yards IPA, and anything by Victory and Flying Fish. I'm a simple man at heart. ;)