Friday, September 6, 2013


  1. It's been a great beer and coffee weekend so far.

    Pennsylvania's killing it on the sour and fruit beers right now. Two last night - ShawneeCraft Raspberry Blanche and Naked Brewing's Le Petomane Sour Saison. One right now - Bullfrog Jong Bruin, a wild sour cherry brew. All were excellent. I hate hot weather, but I'm definitely gonna miss tart, refreshing beers as we head into my favorite season!

    Stoudt's Scarlet Lady (I've been having it on cask lately) is another fantastic PA brew I've recently gotten into, and this is of a style that should stick around for a while!

    On the coffee tip, I've finally gotten to try ReAnimator (roasting operation in Kensington, coffee house next door in Fishtown). Another very good addition to the growing Philadelphia coffee scene...

    1. Y'know, I'm not a big fan of fruity beers. In fact, these days I hardly drink beer, period. If you were to track me down on a Saturday night you would probably find me, according to the time of the evening, either with a bourbon and soda or a glass of white wine.

    2. I've never been much into wine, myself, and I can't drink the hard stuff (let's say I have a bad history with it, along with most of the Irish side of my family ;)) in any form these days.

      I do enjoy a good Riesling, going back to my days in Oregon, though, and one of these weekends I definitely need to head out on one of those Lehigh Valley Wine Trail tours, and maybe even check out what the NJ wineries are up to these days.

    3. New Jersey wineries?

      Excuse me, but did you say New Jersey wineries?

    4. Some of the fastest-rising in the nation, my good sir! Considering that Pennsylvania and New York are longstanding wine regions thought well of by many, the fact that their neighbor is doing same should come as no surprise to anyone.

      For the record, the majority of NJ north of I-95 and west of I-287, and south of I-195 and between I-295 and the Parkway, is some of the most pristine farmland / wild areas left in the urban northeast.


      I can't believe that I, of all people, am defending New Jersey!


      As a public employee of the State of New Jersey, btw, it is also not a requirement that I do so. I'm just telling the truth, despite my long and twisted relationship with that place. Heh.

    5. Y'know, I do not necessarily think that New Jersey is entirely incapable of producing drinkable wine, I'm just trying to wrap my brain around the notion.

      New Jersey wine?

      New Jersey wine?

      Have you seen the movie Bottle Shock?

      It's with Chris Pine, of Captain Kirk fame, and about how the CA wine-growers finally earned some respect from the French in the mid-70s and the conclusion stressed that in the future we would see terrific bottles coming from around the world, including the unlikeliest of places.

      But... New Jersey?!

      Hard to fathom!