Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Reminder


Aside from looking startlingly like a fat and tired version of my father, Mahmoud Abbas is also now entering the tenth year of his four-year elected term as 'president' of "Palestine."

The racist, genocidal terror organization Hamas continues to rule in Gaza, continues to fail to recognize the authority of any other Palestinian Arab leaders, and continues to launch or at least allow daily terror attacks against Israel, probably admittedly proving wrong my own contention that unilateral withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, and strong defense, is the best course moving forward.

There are many ways to peace, but until self-declared 'humanitarians' who see no fault whatsoever amongst the Palestinian Arabs, for anything at all, while taking it upon themselves to smear Israel as a full-time job, for everything, begin to change their ways, we still have quite a long road to go.


  1. Also. My favorite chemical compound tonight = F U H Am N.

    I don't really know what that makes, but it at least sounds good. ;)

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  4. "The racist, genocidal terror organization Hamas..."

    Yes, but, moreover,

    The racist genocidal terror organization Fatah-PLO continues to rule "The West Bank" (Judea and Samaria).

    Why is the fact that Fatah-PLO is a racist genocidal terror organization so refused to be acknowledged by so many Jewish people?

    Cat: "Kill the mice. We are going to kill the mice and take their house."
    *Cat kills some mice*
    Cat: "I'm a mole."
    Wolverine: "You see, he's a mole!"
    Mouse: "Okay. But please, 'mole', stop mauling my family."
    Cat: "Give me my house back. Then I'll leave you alone."
    Mouse: "This is my kitchen and my living room. You were sitting in my house when it had become decrepit and filthy after I had been driven out of it. And then I came back and I bought it from you and I fixed it up again. And then you attacked me and tried to kill me. And, recently, after I let you back into my kitchen and my living room, you've been mauling my family. But I'll give you my kitchen and my living room if you'll stop mauling my family."
    Cat: "It's my house. See all the portraits of moles in it? Give me my house back. Then I'll leave you alone."
    Mouse: "Those are portraits of my family. But, in any case, okay, I already agreed to give you 'your house back'. But, please, first stop mauling my family."
    Cat: "You see! The mice are stubborn bullies!"
    Wolverine: "Mouse, stop bullying the mole and being so stubborn! Give the mole back his house!"

    The Mouse thinks that he, the Mouse, is being compassionate. However, the Mouse is not being compassionate. The Mouse is being foolish.

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