Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Obama and World Embrace Genocidal Terrorists.


Obama admin to work with Hamas in unity gov't.

The UN and EU as well.

Bibi reports back is sore.

Nothing ever really changes does it?


  1. I miss Cox and Forkum. That toon in particular captures the moral idiocy both of Carter and his Middle East cause.

    Meanwhile, here in Chicagoland The Jeff Santos Show, a new lib talk show (or at least new to WCPT 820 AM), premiered on that station yesterday. Jeff has quite a different view of I/P, judging by this cartoon he sent to the Unite Against Zionism Facebook page awhile back.

    Unlike most political cartoons, this one calls for direct physical assault on those who disagree (in this case, anyone who defends Israel). Jeff may evolve into the 21st century's Father Coughlin.

  2. A somewhat equally disturbing problem is that Obama has to completely ignore US law and Congress to do that and apparently we're going to let him. We're crossing over into autocracy here.

    1. Well, yeah BUT they are gonna be watching 'em CLOSELY:

      "We are going to be watching (the government) very closely, as we said from day one, to absolutely ensure that it upholds each of those things it has talked about, that it doesn't cross the line," Kerry said.


      That should have 'em shivering with fear. LOL

  3. There is no question but that this is entirely against US law.

    Obama truly has stabbed the Jewish people in the back and, yet, self-righteous Jews will defend him no matter what.

    btw, I haven't been around a whole lot recently, but I will be soon.

  4. And besides, there are no real Hamas members in the new Fatah/Hamas unity government.

    "Deputy State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said, in fact, that the new government does not include any members of the Hamas terrorist group.

    "It is not a government backed by Hamas. There are no members of Hamas in the government," Harf told reporters."


    Anybody wanna buy the Brooklyn Bridge cheap?

    1. So, we are supposed to understand that the new Palestinian-Arab unity government does not include Hamas?

      Or it includes Hamas, but somehow really does not?

      And, if Harf is correct, does this mean that the "unity" government is, in fact, not a unity government, but something else entirely?

      Or, if it is a "unity" government, just who is Fatah unifying with... elves?

    2. Don't know Mike. Perhaps I need a really good brain shampoo to understand it all. (gets out his pressure washer.)

  5. I will call this phenomena "Hamasplaining," in tribute to Sultan Knish's term, "Muslimsplaining."

    "As bloody bodies and smoke rise into the air after a cry of Allahu Akbar and a bomb detonation, each Muslim terrorist attack is followed by "Muslimsplaining" why the latest act of Islamic violence had nothing to do with Islam.
    - See more at: http://sultanknish.blogspot.ca/#sthash.IakZEAae.dpuf"