Friday, June 13, 2014



  1. Ah, a day of rest. Now that's something I could use!

    Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to wait until Wednesday for one. I'm in the middle of nine straight work days without a full day off. Right now is my longest 'off' stretch. Just got off work at midnight, and go back at 11:30 PM tonight, working through to noon Sunday.

    Then it's day shift Monday and Tuesday, and finally a full day off on Wednesday. And Thursday. I go back to work for another 12.5-hour night shift at 11:30 PM next Friday night. Don't know what comes after that. I'll find out by Tuesday afternoon, before I leave for my three day 'weekend.'

    Worked evening shift today, will work an extended night shift tomorrow into Sunday, and will work day shift on Monday. Sooner or later, if this keeps up (it will, at least through the summer), 'time' might cease to have much real meaning to me, eh?

    At least I'm getting paid more than I ever imagined I would, though. So there's a bright spot!

    1. My grandmother used to say, "Rich or poor, it's always nice to have money."

      I still don't quite get what the hell that was supposed to mean exactly!

    2. I think I get it. I certainly know the latter feeling!

    3. I figure that so long as I have Laurie at my side, a roof over my head and food in my belly and enough money for books and my sadly diminishing vices, then I am doing pretty good.

      My needs, I have to tell you, are exceedingly minimal.

      My "ecological footprint" is practically that of a neanderthal hippie.

    4. That's the same way I look at things, though after eight years of sometimes having as little as 13 cents to my name with no prospect of anything else coming in anytime soon, I do tend to spoil myself with good beer (at places I walk to!) around here anymore.

      But aside from that, yeah. All I want to do is save up enough to buy myself a humble rowhouse of my own here in Kensington by 2016, then the rest is just gravy.

      A simple life is the best life. You seem to know the feeling!

    5. Yeah, I am not a big one for schtufff.

      I don't really care about things.

      I often wonder if this joint were to get robbed, just what they take? The TV set? Really? The PS4? Is it worth breaking and entering for an old television and a new gaming console?

      I live in Oakland and practically feel that I can leave my front door unlocked, even while away from the house, and there would not be the slightest problem because what friggin' robber would be dumb enough to risk jail time for such a small reward?

      Maybe it is the poker player in me, but I simply do not see the potential reward as even remotely close to the potential risk.

      But, then, who says Oakland's criminals are particularly bright?


      So, yeah, we lock up at night, but in the over two years that we've been here we have not had the slightest problem. People think that Oakland is much worse, in terms of crime, than is San Francisco.

      This is false.

      Oakland merely looks worse than San Francisco!