Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Poll Shows Democrats Back the Muslim Brotherhood

Michael L.

I do not want to make too much of this, mainly because I know so little about isidewith.com, but they seem like a reasonably reliable polling group.

The polling question was this:
Should the U.S. back the Egyptian military's crackdown against the muslim brotherhood?
The results showed that only 19 percent of Democrats affirmed, while 81 percent did not.  By contrast, not surprisingly, 69 percent of Republicans answered in the affirmative, while only 31 percent did not.

To the extent that isidewith polling is accurate polling data this is rather damning of the Democratic party for the simple reason that the Brotherhood is the parent organization of Hamas and al-Qaeda and has an ideological provenance that goes, at least in part, to Nazi Germany.

They even held a rally for Muhammed Morsi wherein they screamed to the heavens for the conquest of Jerusalem and still Obama backed them up.  Of course, you cannot really blame Obama.  I mean, if American Jews do not wish to look out for our own best interests by calling out progressive and Democratic sympathies for Islamic "freedom fighters" why should it be up to him?

Having said that, however, the loyal opposition at the Progressive-Zionist, under the leadership of our old acquaintance "fizziks," is moving to set a new precedent by actually speaking out against the rise of political Islam and acknowledging the atrocities of Islam, in its imperial aspect, just as we acknowledge the atrocities of the European genocide of native American peoples and other atrocious European colonial misadventures throughout the world.

The piece is entitled, It's Time for Recognition, Truth, and Reparations.

And I could not have been happier to read it.

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