Wednesday, June 18, 2014

They Think That You Are a Bunch of Morons

Michael L.

Hillary Clinton, speaking in Toronto, told a television news reporter that there is no problem with having Hamas within an Arab "unity government" within Israel because the Hamas contingent are merely "technocrats."

"I think it's a holding position," Clinton said, describing Obama's stance. "And the reason it's a holding position is that the makeup of this joint [Fatah-Hamas] enterprise are largely technocrats. They're academics and they're business people. They don't represent sort of, what you might call hard-core Hamas leadership."
You are being lied to because they assume that you are a bunch of morons.

"Technocrats"?  Really?

"Business people," you say?

Hamas Business People.

Hillary Clinton believes in something called Hamas Business People and these are supposed to be our "peace partners" and she has the gonads to say this directly after three Jewish teenagers, including an American, were kidnapped by Arab terrorists within Israel?

This is absolutely shameless.

Whatever Hillary's intentions she is helping to desensitize us to genocidal Jew Hatred.  This is what Hamas represents and what is behind the kidnapping of those three teenagers.

And we're supposed to hang our acceptance of Hamas on the fairy-dust notion that the Hamas members in the government are non-ideological pragmatists?

The contempt that this government has for the intelligence of the average American, or the average American Jew, could hardly be more obvious.  The brazenness within which this administration lies is so breathtaking that I wonder how even an Obama... supporter... could justify it.

So, essentially, the Obama administration is telling the American people that funding terrorism is alright because those getting the funding are not, themselves, suicide bombers.

What is truly frightening however is the ease with which most of the American Jewish left will go along with this vicious nonsense.


I have to tell you, though, thank G-d for Jewish leftists with an independent streak like our own Jay in Philadelphia.

I harp on the left because I come out of the left.

Because I expect nothing from the right, I am never disappointed.


  1. So how many of those decent technocrats have condemned the kidnappings of the 3 teens? None you say. How can that be?

    1. What is most disturbing to me, Doodad, is not that the Obama administration supports Hamas - because that is not surprising - but that the Jewish left supports the Obama administration which supports Hamas.

      The Jewish Left has become a traitor to its own people.

  2. I think you have the wrong word guys. I looked it up as I haven't a clue as to its meaning.

    Technocrat - Merriam-Webster Online
    a scientist or technical expert who has a lot of power in politics or industry.

    1. Shirlee, within this context the word "technocrat" has no meaning whatsoever, let me assure you.

      The audacity of it is profound.

      The Obama administration thinks - and probably rightly so - that if they simply toss that out there their sycophants will defend it.

      It is absolute nonsense and, I have to tell you, I am very well aware of the meaning of that world for a long time, now.

      It doesn't get used very much anymore, but apparently some adviser on staff has resurrected it.

      The implication of the term is that of "objective" and "fair."

      The Obama administration is, in essence, telling the world that Hamas is OK.