Monday, June 9, 2014

Fizziks Hilarity

Michael L.

It is hysterical the way that allegedly intelligent people can simply deny reality when it does not suit them.

My last piece was one for the Elder of Ziyon entitled, The First Jewish President My... Tush.

In that piece I discuss the fact that the Obama administration supports Hamas.

It is not me that says so, but that small, unknown, irrelevant newspaper known as the Wall Street Journal in which we learn:
The 1988 Hamas Charter explicitly commits the Palestinian terror group to murdering Jews. Thanks to the formation this week of an interim government uniting Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, which the U.S. supports to the tune of more than $400 million a year, the American taxpayer may soon become an indirect party to that enterprise. 
 Yet, amusingly enough, "fizziks" chimes in with this comment:
Man, peoples' irrational reactions to Obama are hilarious. Clowns on the left get the vapors every time he annihilates an Islamist from the sky with a drone, while at the very same time clowns on the right accuse him of supporting the rise of political Islam.
fizziks apparently thinks that opposing Hamas is "irrational."

He gives no argument or explanation how it is that for diaspora Jews to oppose an Islamist organizaton intent upon our genocide is irrational.

He does not explain how it is that Jewish people should go along with the fact that the Obama administration is now going to fund Hamas.

He merely finds it funny; hilarious, in fact.

The Hamas charter, quoting one of the more vicious hadiths, says this:
The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him! 
I would argue that if the history of the Jewish people teaches us anything it is not to be complacent in the face of genocidal threats.

I feel reasonably confident in saying so, given the fact that within living memory half of my family was brutally slaughtered by people who made such threats and acted in a manner which demonstrated their complete sincerity.

I am, however, deeply sorry that a fellow Jew finds such concerns to be humorous.


  1. Hey School,

    "Your last paragraph is unclear in whether or not you share the optimism that the excesses of progressivism will change the climate and result in repudiation."

    I keep my fingers crossed, but ultimately I am not opimistic. We get little signs, for example, from the Australian government that are positive, or from Canada, but what I see is the body of the Middle East and the body of Europe largely against us.


    The Jewish people.

    I would say that we need to think of it in those terms. Y'know, the motto of the IWW (the Wobblies) was "An injury to one is an injury to all" and that is basically the way that I feel about the Jews of the Middle East.

    As such, they feel justified to engage in "Repressive
    Tolerance" theorized by Marcuse. The authoritarian approach is disconcerting. Their ideas that we can ingratiate our adversaries, who tell us otherwise, seems boneheaded in light of experience.

    I cannot even tell you how much your reference to Marcuse puts a little stick in my throat.

    There was a time when I heroized people such as Foucault and Marcuse and the Frankfurt School and Chomsky and the heroic left of the American 19 teens and the 1960s.

    Not so much, anymore.

    1. Time in the blogosphere tends to narrow the focus so that every act is magnified, often out of context.

      The state of Jewry is both strong and perilous. The progressives in the battle are losing influence. Their partners are not unnoticed. The same seems to be happening in the context of domestic affairs, as people experience the effects of progressive theories and unilateralist behavior.

      Israel will continued to be embattled in its two pronged struggle, and no one knows what will happen in Europe, awash with ethnic and political strife. The larger struggle does not involve Jews directly, though it seems that if Jews can be blamed then the larger issues remain in the distance. If the West does not reassert its values, then the struggle for real progress, not the half-baked progressive version, will be much harder than it ought have been.

  2. I just fine it flabbergasting the degree to which political ideologues, like fizziks, believe that reality is dependent upon their own political preferences.

    I claimed that Obama supported the Muslim Brotherhood because he sent arms and finances to that organization.

    Can someone explain to me in what universe giving an organization both funding and weaponry does not constitute support?

    And now we have the administration announcing it's intent to do the same with Hamas, the brother organization of al-Qaeda, and yet somehow objecting to this makes one a heinous "right-winger."