Sunday, June 1, 2014

The "Jewish Incinerator" comes to America

by oldschooltwentysix

incinerator1There are many people, too many, more than can be counted, that don't acknowledge the extent to which Jews are subjected to bigotry in society.

Among the non-believers are those who say claims about antisemitism are only made for political purposes, to silence criticism of Israel, often from themselves, often with antisemitic effect. That does not mean they refrain from being political when it suits their needs, as the use of "Islamophobia" is rampant to chill the slightest criticism in the face of Muslim violence, toward women, homosexuals, non-believers, or even other Muslims (see here and here).

Much present day strategy of antisemitism comes from people who claim to be THE voice of human rights. Opposing Jew-hatred, to them, seems not included in the protection of human rights, and Jewish advocacy is merely a ploy to support Israel and perpetuate Zionism, the external self-determination for Jews.

A main strategy adopted by illiberal humanitarians in the name of human rights is based on a model used in the case of South Africa, to help eliminate Apartheid, an international crime. To these selective, even sanctimonious arbiters of morality and justice, Zionism is also an international crime. The strategy was largely developed in South Africa, in 2001, a few days before 9-11. As a result, the Durban Conference of 2001 (see here and here), never received the notoriety it deserved. It was a reiteration of the infamous 1975 declaration that Zionism is racism (see here and here), a malicious concept that persists to this day, under different cover, particularly on college campuses (see here and here) where activities like Israel Apartheid Week and BDS occur.

Most of these illiberals are a lost cause. Yet they are outnumbered by others that are well-intentioned, insulated from the fray, whose ignorance or misinformation becomes evident on discussion. How many who believe antisemitism is not a real problem know anything about Durban? Or the agenda of those that seek to delegitimize Israel, which happens to be the ONLY Jewish state, but no other states? As if that in itself is not antisemitic in principle and in effect. To all of these people on the periphery: WAKE UP! 

It is not just over Zionism or at the universities, however, pronounced as these are. Here we find the case of the "Jewish Incinerator." It has been reported (also here and here) that at a Chicago high school, a Jewish student was verbally attacked by classmates for months. His mother finally contacted school officials after discovering some of the students were further attacking her son and all Jewish people through a popular video-game app called Clash of Clans, and even created an antisemitic gaming group to play. In her words:
So I look down, I see it says Jewish Incinerator with their one goal is to gather all the Jews, put them in an army camp and dispose of them. I’m 42-years-old. I’m not new to this world. I didn’t become Jewish yesterday. I felt naive and shocked. We are in the year 2014. Really? At a school that my son has gone to? And I shake because I watched this group grow literally from four. Kids were just joining and joining.
In Europe, it is now common to see violence directed to Jews (see here and here and here). Hopefully the USA will never evolve so far down this road. Vigilance is necessary to weed out the poison because we have seen where it has lead. Which is why it is important not to act as if there is no problem, when evidence is seen almost every day that antisemitism, often posing as something else, remains a persistent evil, not a phobia. This is so even if some Jewish friends say it's all about Israeli actions like the "expansion" of settlements on Arab land, when construction is almost entirely the addition of housing units in what already exists. Before that Arabs, not to mention Christians, were Jew-lovers, don't you see?


  1. As to the "Jewish Incinerator" game, it should be noted that one the tools that the Third Reich used to inure its people to killing Jews was to popularize a board game in which the object was to become the first player to render his city judenrein. Playing such games is not in and of itself comparable to perpetrating the Final Solution. But such games do prepare someone to become a cog in such an event if other forces bring it about.

    1. Hence this post and desire to raise consciousness, particularly among those who do not acknowledge the issue, or try to rationalize it in the face of the disinformation obtained from illiberal humanitarian activists, such as the Oxfams of the world.

  2. This strategy was created by the Soviets in the early 1960's. They couldn't sell bloody revolution so they created the human rights movement as a shield for it. In South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, their civil wars were portrayed to western liberals as fights against colonialism, fights for human rights, and such. Western fools ate it up - never mind that for example the Mozambique war of independence from Portugal claimed 85,000 lives while its Marxist 'revolution racked up 1 million deaths. Or that blacks in Zimbabwe have fewer rights and lower standard of living NOW than they did under white rule. Or that the major Ethiopian-Eritrean communist wars killed over 2 million people, a million of them by intentional starvation.

    This was the greatest selling job in the history of people - how you could arm men and boys to go out and slaughter millions upon millions of civilians, men, women and children and call that a 'freedom movement', a war for human rights. A war for tolerance and peace and liberal western values. Wars so savage that in some countries in the 1990's in western Africa the leading cause of death in whole nations was AIDS from gang rape, assuming the victims weren't butchered with machetes right then and there during the rapes. But these were the left's heroes, the freedom fighters.