Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Daily Kos is a popular American political blog whose purported purpose is to elect Democrats.

However, certain of us familiar with the workings of that site also know that it serves as a not insignificant front-line organ in the mainstreaming of contemporary antisemitism on the left in the form of fanatical demonization of Israel, while the range of its staff's response to this unfortunate fact runs from banning those who point it out, to mostly ignoring its practitioners, or sometimes even condoning it altogether.

Daily Kos user 'subir' is a relatively new favorite amongst the antisemitic anti-Zionist masses at that site.

During a period of time in which the Arab-Israeli conflict was 'relatively' quiet -- aside from yet more car-jihadism in Jerusalem just a few days ago, in which one Israeli was killed and another remains in serious condition, as a result of another Palestinian-Arab deliberately driving his vehicle into Jews waiting at a bus stop -- yet while the Islamic State has taken over the Palestinian-Arab Damascus suburb of Yarmouk in Syria, in the process of which they have also been busy undertaking the task of liberating Palestinian-Arab heads from Palestinian-Arab bodies, you'd think that those who claim to care so much about the Palestinian-Arabs would have plenty to say on the matter.

You'd think that they'd be filled with the sort of righteous indignation and rage regarding Yarmouk that only the internet can assuage.

Well, let's just take a look at the reaction of the Daily Kos community to the six most recent diaries this gentleman has written there over that time.

One of these things is not like the others.  Let's see if you can spot the difference?

Boy, those "pro-Palestinian activists" sure have a rather unique way of demonstrating their deep 'concern' about the Palestinian-Arabs, don't they?  It's totally convincing that their curiously selectively-voiced outrage has nothing whatsoever to do with the Jews, no sir...


  1. This sort of thing should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that being a vociferous member of the, supposedly, 'compassionate'
    pro-Palestinian™ activist brigade is a complete facade.

    Of course; it won't.

    We can all draw our own conclusions from that.

  2. Yup.

    It could hardly be more obvious.

    If the pro-Palestinian activists honestly cared about Palestinian-Arabs they would be much more incensed at how Palestinian-Arabs are treated by other Arabs.

    They would be delerious with rage about what's going on in Yarmouk, but they're not.

    It doesn't matter how many Arabs kill how many other Arabs, because unless Israel is somehow involved - or made to be seen as involved - they honestly do not care.

    The reason for this is because their advocacy is not intended to help Palestinian-Arabs. On the contrary, it's intended as a club against the Jews via the Jewish State.

    Of course, they're so blinkered by this anti-Zionist ideology, that they cannot recognize that which is increasingly obvious to those of us who do not share that poisonous ideology.

    1. Jay, Mike,

      You might find these letters printed in the Guardian a day ago - concerning situation in Yarmouk- interesting.

      Of course, being the 'Guardian', it will make no difference to anything!

    2. Sorry, I think that link should not include a full stop at the end.

      Hope it works.

    3. OT,

      Don't know if you're familiar with Thomas Wictor. He has been investigating events in the Israel /Palestine conflict for some years.
      He is, unquestionably, an unusual man, with an unusual personality. But he has a very particular knowledge of various military realities. He investigates with enormous thoroughness, and attention to detail. He has produced extensive, painstaking, analyses of events reported in the media, often seeming to show that they are very far from what they seem.

      He has his own website.
      He has, understandably, been the recipient of death threats, smears, and all sorts of intimidation, for defending Israel.

      This was linked via Nick Grey @cmew2.
      Nick Grey is a reliable source.

      There is more of his stuff re Israel in his archive on his website.

    4. Organizing political movements by uniting around hatred of a people, especially the Jews, is an old story. This pretense of being a happy warrior for all things good and righteous while doing so is nothing new either.
      Professor Ruth Wisse calls the organization of politics against the Jews anti-Semitism. These Daily Kos people are participating in anti-Semitism, a form of racism. This racism must be exposed and its practitioners purged and shunned.

    5. k, thank you for the Thomas Wictor link.

      I do not know the man's work, but I will check it out.

    6. Mike,

      He is certainly a 'character'. And has a rather difficult and tragic background- which he is very open about.
      However, his field of expertise is in esoteric military matters. And he has been prepared to spend vast amounts of time and energy analysing pictures, film footage etc from the conflict, with a view to understand exactly what has happened. When he has analysed particular events, he then attempts to show, with credible evidence, why the way the event is reported in the media is often a distortion of the facts.

      He seems to have no vested interest for doing this, other than a passionate dislike of "injustice".

      He has come up with some really interesting stuff.

      Be interested to know what you make of it, when you've had time to investigate.

  3. k - that automatic period thing after I linked to something happened to me the other day, too. I know I didn't include one. It also broke my link. Weird.

    It works if you copy & paste it without the period.

    You'd think there'd be more Carol Manns amongst them, but time keeps proving people like her on their side to be the exception that only serves to prove the rule we see above.

    1. Jay,

      That's interesting re the period/link thing. Weird, as you say.
      Will watch out for that.

      Yes - if only there were more Carol Manns !