Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Iranian Gambit


 From Daphne Anson


  1. Do they make Secretary Kerry do the truffle shuffle before they let him in anywhere these days?

  2. Wtf is wrong with these people?


    "A Philadelphia native is now the third woman in two days -- and the sixth American in under three weeks -- to be arrested by federal authorities for allegedly plotting to join ISIS overseas or launch attacks on their behalf here in the U.S. homeland, authorities said.

    Keonna Thomas, 30, was charged today for allegedly conspiring to provide material support to the group now so infamous for its brutal propaganda videos and the havoc it's wreaking in war-torn Syria and Iraq.

    Last year, Thomas repeatedly posted pro-ISIS messages on social media, and she was ultimately in contact with a known ISIS fighter in Syria and other radicals around the world, according to charging documents.

    At one point, the ISIS fighter asked her if she wanted to become a martyr, authorities said.

    "[T]hat would be amazing ... a girl can only wish," she allegedly responded.


    I wish she'd martyr herself off the Ben Franklin, personally.

  3. Jay it's the same old phenomena as women who marry or want to marry/be intimate /correspond with inmate serial killers/murderers. Look up "Hybristophilia."

  4. Live this motto of the " Noha Hassid Center for Middle East Peace, which is in the process of being established"

    "Peace is a culture, not an agreement."

    Interesting lady