Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An Insane Moment in Time

Michael L.

Kurt Vonnegut by cloudsfallThis is an insane moment in time.

I am not sure that my late friend Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. could have imagined this scenario.

I don't even think that Philip K. Dick's most twisted imagination could come up with this.

On the one hand, we have this unimaginably grotesque, brutal, and Koranically-inspired organization filling the power vacuum in Iraq, Syria, and, possibly, now Libya.

On the other hand, we have Iran.

This means that the Islamic State (IS) or ISIS or, as President Barack Obama says, ISIL, is moving into north Africa.

This is hardly surprising.  Where the heck else is this thing going to go?  And, make no mistake, before the little bastards get crushed they are going to have to keep moving in order to fulfill their 7th century Calisyphilitic ideology.  If they wish to imitate that Muhammad Fellow - from back in the day - they need military conquest as a sign of divine approval.

So long as they can keep on killing, it must mean that Allah is appreciative.

Thus they are happily going about slaughtering the infidels - which apparently include Shias - and chopping off heads and burning people alive and burying living children in mass graves.

Although the morally vacant western left turns a blind eye, this is unquestionably the most horrific political movement that I have seen as an adult.  The only thing that comes close, to my mind, in terms of sheer brutality were those humanitarians in Cambodia during and after the Vietnam War.  Of course, the Khmer Rouge did not ground their ideology in religious texts, nor did they advertise their atrocities in glossy magazines.

But, do not fear.

The Islamic State does not have a chance.

The reason for this is because the surrounding Islamic regimes want nothing to do with these horrendous barbarians.  In Iran they may hang Gay people from cranes or stone women to death for adultery or fling children to their deaths as a front-line force against Saddam Hussein's old regime in Iraq, but they are certainly not going to allow the Junior Varsity squad to eat their lunch.

Iran will take care of ISIS... at least in Iraq.

What we are witnessing is the invasion of Iraq by Iran, with the collusion of US President Barack Obama.

This insane moment in time is key because it is pointing toward an unspoken, but major, international political realignment.

What President of the United States, Barack Obama, seems to want to do is partner with Iran.  There is a certain not-entirely-unreasonable logic to this.  Obama, under the tutelage of Khalidi and Said, understands that the United States is a western imperial power that is hostile to the well-being of non-Anglos throughout the world.  Thus Barack Obama is dragging the United States away from its previous history of alleged imperial exploitation.

Obama seeks to partner with Iran because it is better to have friends in that part of the world than not, and Israel, although a stabilizing force, is also part of the colonial, imperial, western, whatever-it-is that Obama opposes.  Obama despises Israel not so much because he is anti-Semitic, but out of a scholarly loathing of white, western, imperial regimes.

He sees Israel as a western penetration of the Muslim Middle East.

He sees Israel as an interloper upon the land and lives of innocent "indigenous" peoples.  This is the main reason that Obama despises Israel and is, therefore, willing to allow Iran to get the bomb and become the hegemonic power throughout that part of the world.

He wants, in his mind, to do good.


  1. He wants, in his mind, to do good.

    In a way.

    He wants to reshape the world according to his ideology. He is, like many others, a hard-core ideologue. The first hard- core ideologue of his kind to be the US president. It's not so much that he thinks he is doing good, but that his deeply held beliefs about the world mean that he believes the world must be altered to make it more acceptable to him.
    Obama, like so many of his fellow travellers who have developed their worldview at the feet of the ideologues whose theories have dominated the universities for more than half a century, sees The West as the most harmful and 'evil' thing on the planet. The West is considered the cause of all the ills, injustices and sins of history. Including, and up to, the present day. It is a mistake to believe that Obama and the rest of the progressive left are in some way ' misguided'.
    That they are ' well-meaning' and therefore not really responsible for what damage they might do. They are, as other movements of the twentieth century have been, so ideologically driven that they have become more and more ' totalitarian ' in their actions.
    The thesis that the west is the evil, colonial, imperial bully of the world, and that all others have been oppressed by it, is their only way of thinking. Consequently, anyone, any country, regime or political movement ( including terrorist groups) that professes hatred for the west, and is seen to stand up against it, will, and does, earn their support.
    As you can observe from Obama's latest
    'apology tour', it is irrelevant whether the people he is apologising to are, in fact, vicious, human rights abusing dictators. The only thing that matters, and why the left sycophantically fawn over such people, is that they oppose the west. And are believed to have been oppressed by the west. It matters not how oppressive these regimes are in their own right. That is ignored, or blamed on the legacy of colonialism etc.

  2. Part 2

    The most important aim is to weaken the west. That has to be achieved.
    All regimes that have been seen in some way to have been enabled or supported by the west are, by definition, tainted. All regimes and movements ( for example, the Muslim Brotherhood) that are perceived to have grown up out of authentic non- western roots are perceived to be untainted and therefore better. What the progressive left have been ' in love with' for more than a century, is the idea of revolution. They have moved through the twentieth century enamoured of Marxism, Communism and all things anti- capitalist and anti- western. Communism, for which they still mourn, ultimately failed to achieve world dominance. They have whitewashed the horrors of communism because it suits them to do so. In the Soviet Union, in China. And, to this day, in Cuba. Cuba is allied with Iran and with North Korea.
    By giving nuclear capability to Iran, Obama is reshaping the world. The mullahs of Iran are perceived to be revolutionaries. That is all that matters. You can ignore their Islamism, and their brutal theocratic regime. They are anti- western ' revolutionaries ', so they are to be, not only supported, but admired . What is happening is not just about a political agenda. It is about the extraordinary ability of progressives to have an emotionally driven admiration for any actor on the world stage who they see as an oppressed victim of the west, and who claims to be revolutionary.
    If you believe western civilisation has been the greatest force for evil in history, then you must redress the balance. Western civilisation must be altered beyond recognition, and all other actors must be freed up to take their rightful place in the world.
    Some of us might believe that other actors are ideologically driven to cause greater harm than the( imperfect) west. But the progressive left believe that, either no harm will arise because other actors are not motivated by the same ' evil' that exists in western culture, or that no harm caused by other actors can ever be equal to the harm caused by the west.

  3. Part 3 ( with apologies)

    Israel is seen as western, colonial, and, the product of western, colonial and imperialist powers. It is, therefore, not allowed to continue to exist. I would not let Obama and the rest of the progressive left off the hook where anti- Semitism is concerned. I think they are deeply anti- Semitic. It is entirely possible for them to be obsessed with an anti- western agenda, and to be anti- Semitic. Marxism is in itself deeply anti- Semitic. As was Marx. They do not like to admit their anti- Semitism because that might ( post Hitler) make them look ' right-wing '. The left believe their rants and ravings about ' Jewish lobbies' and ' capitalists' , ' bankers' etc. and their grotesque singling out of Israel for daily denunciation, stem, not from anti- Semitism, but from reasonable and objective observation. As we know they apply mendacious double standards to these subjects, it is not possible to give them the benefit of the doubt on whether they are anti- Semitic. We have only their word that they are not. I would not take their word. At this point, what would they be doing differently if they were not anti- Semitic?
    They are trying to isolate and destroy Israel. They are succeeding. They, under Obama, are about to go much further in that aim. They are thrilled at the prospect, and excited by it and their own ' righteousness ' in doing it.
    What we have seen recently on the streets in Europe is a kind of feverish, mob like hatred against Jews. Israel, and Jews. The so-called progressive left media ignored it or justified it. Time and time again.

    Like previous totalitarian minded movements, the progressive left are changing the world because they believe they have a 'moral' right to do so. Any cost is worth it because the ' revolution ' is the ultimate goal. The ' greater good '. The ' imperative'.
    They are on their way.

  4. Obama Hid North Korea Rocket Component Transfer to Iran:

    US intel officials reveal how Iran is getting advanced technology for long range nuclear missile during talks, Obama hiding it from UN.

    US intelligence officials revealed that during the ongoing Iran nuclear negotiations, North Korea has provided several shipments of advanced missile components to the Islamic regime in violation of UN sanctions - and the US hid the violations from the UN.

    The officials, who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday on condition of anonymity, said more than two shipments of missile parts since last September have been monitored by the US going from North Korea to Iran.

    One official detailed that the components included large diameter engines, which could be used to build a long-range missile system, potentially capable of bearing a nuclear warhead.

    The information is particularly damaging given that Admiral Bill Gortney, Commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and US Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), admitted this month that the Pentagon fears that North Korea and possibly Iran can target the US with a nuclear EMP strike.


    Obama may very well wish to be the last president of the US.

  5. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/194088

    How can this people play politics endangering the livelihood of the state of Israel by making agreements or deals with Sheol and covenants with death.

    The show of their countenance doth witness against them, and doth declare their sin to be even as Sodom, and they cannot hide it. Wo unto their souls, for they have rewarded evil unto themselves!
    2 Nephi 13:9


    And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not me, saith the Lord.
    Jeremiah 9:3


    Who whet their tongue like a sword, and bend their bows to shoot their arrows, even bitter words:

    That they may shoot in secret at the perfect: suddenly do they shoot at him, and fear not.
    Psalms 64:3-4


    Pull it down, kill the deal, it is not acceptable and the survival of Israel is not negotiable. He who dares wins.

    Behold the Lord slayeth the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes. It is better that one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and perish in unbelief.
    1 Nephi 4:13


    1. Miguel,

      welcome to Israel Thrives.

      You are obviously a religious person and, to be clear, religious people are more than welcome here.

      Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Rosicrucians and Rastafarians are all welcome.

      I am not a very religious guy, although I like to think that I honor my ancestors in my heart.

      I do not think that most secular rationalists really understand religion very well.

      We tend to think of it as mythology, but we don't really understand mythology, either!

      However, I would remind our progressive athiest friends that the Civil Rights Movement was, at its heart, religious.

      He was Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., after all.

      Besides, anyone with an exotic name like Miguel Angel Tinoco Rodriguez is A-OK with me.

      It makes me wonder just were you are writing from, but it would probably turn out to be Hackensack, New Jersey.

    2. Ah, you're a Mormon or influenced by the Mormon Church.

      Y'know, Oakland has a magnificent Mormon temple on the hill and every evening when I walk the dogs it is all lit up and really quite beautiful.